An Intensive 5-Day Training Course

Private: Business Decisions and Analysis in Economic Downturns

  • Format: Classroom
  • Duration: 5 days
  • Language: English



Having flexibility in decisions making about the firm’s capabilities and opportunities enhances decision making process in particular during economic downturns. The four components in the toolkit for valuing investment opportunities under stable economic conditions includes: payback rules, accounting rates of return, net present values (NPV) and Internal Rate of Returns (IRR). During economic downturn adjusted NPV is a valuable valuation method in which allows managers to assess the flexibility of delaying or abandoning the investment. In this programme, delegates will acquire skills and technique to value investment opportunities during stable economic conditions and economic downturn more effectively. The analysis of investment decisions using time-adjusted measures and the flexibility to delay a project will be explored.

Participants will develop the following competencies:

  • How to value the investments using a range of techniques
  • Understanding short term and long term funds available to firms
  • Relevance in today’s marketplace with focus on major financial and economic issues 
  • This programme aims to enable participants to achieve the following objectives
    • Use different techniques to evaluate investment performance
    • Improve management skills and increase their value to the organization
    • Understand and use analytical tools and techniques using real world example
    • Make (and/or) contribute to strategic financial decisions 
  • All those with financial responsibilities
  • Financial decision makers, whose techniques of decision making and analysis will be improved through attendance
  • Professionals acting upon the financial decisions of others, who will gain an appreciation for decision making thereby ensuring shared values within the organisation
  • Personnel involved in planning and decision making 

The programme will be conducted along workshop principles with formal lectures and interactive worked examples. Relevant cases will used to illustrate the application of each tool in an operations environment. Each learning point will be re-inforced with practical exercises. The tutor will clearly explain and demonstrate how these techniques are applied using a real life example.


This programme will provide participants with essential skills to enable them to analyse various business problems irrespective of the economic condition and evaluate various courses of actions to make sound recommendation for action using the latest and flexible techniques. The new skills acquired will help to make more informed and hence better management decisions, which can be shared amongst other departments of the company. Participants will improve their financial and decision making skills that are vital to organisational goals during uncertain economic condition.

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