An Intensive 5-Day Online Training Course

Operations Management Masterclass

Translating Organisational Goals into Operational Performance Objectives


11 - 15 Sep 2023 Live/Online US $ 3950 Enroll now

Operations form the base of every organisation, whether in manufacturing, service or non-profit industries. Today’s competitive pressures have led to a sharper focus on operational efficiency, working capital management, and return on assets. Striving to achieve operational excellence is one of the most important contributors to an organisation’s sustainable performance and growth.

Knowledge and expertise in operations management is an important requirement of personnel across all business functions and there is an increasing demand for operations management specialists in all types of organisations.

Participants attending this EuroMaTech virtual training course will develop the following competencies:

  • Align the voice of the customer with business strategy
  • Understand core operational practices
  • Understand the importance operational excellence
  • Develop an operational excellence action plan
  • Efficiently utilise resources by employing effective planning and controlling activities

This Operations Management Masterclass virtual training course aims to enable participants to achieve the following objectives:

  • Translate organisation goals into operational performance objectives
  • Efficiently utilise resources by employing effective planning and controlling activities
  • Understand what operational excellence is
  • Recognise the significance of operations and how it fits in the customer supply chain
  • Emphasise the importance of change
  • Develop problem-solving skills in relations to managing operations

The Operations Management Masterclass virtual training course is specifically developed for executives, superintendents, supervisors, team leaders, coordinators, officers and specialists responsible for:

  • Operations
  • Procurement / Purchasing
  • Supply Chain / Logistics
  • Production / Manufacturing
  • Warehousing / Inventory
  • Quality / R & D
  • Projects
  • Business / Process Improvement
  • Plant / Utilities
  • Applications
  • Performance

Delivered by a world-class subject matter expert in Operations Management, participants will increase their competencies through a variety of instructional methods, individual and team exercises, group discussions and specific team assignments covering the main topics presented in this EuroMaTech virtual training course.

This is a highly interactive and competitive EuroMaTech virtual training course where the participants will work and compete in team exercises; whereby all participants will grasp the essential elements of obtaining operational excellence.


The Operations Management Masterclass virtual training course covers essential skills such as lowering labour costs, increasing efficiency and reducing waste. You will recognise the significance of operations and how it fits in the customer supply chain in relation to other business functions, such as human resources, purchasing, marketing, finance, etc. The virtual training course emphasises the importance of change, facilitation of learning, cross-functional teamwork; and developing problem-solving skills in relation to managing operations so that optimal productivity and efficiency is achieved.

Day 1 : Fundamentals of Operations Management
  • What does Operations Management involve?
  • The importance of Operations Management
  • Key Processes and Terms of Operations Management
  • Skills required of an Operations Manager
  • The role and responsibilities of the Operations Manager
Day 2 : Principles of Operational Excellence
  • Objectives of Operations Management
  • Alignment of organisational operations and functional strategies
  • Core Operational Principles
  • Strategic Planning
  • Operations Management – Tools and Techniques
Day 3 : Logistics and Supply Chain Management
  • Managing the Supply Chain
  • Location, capacity and layout strategy
  • Materials management and strategy
  • Inventory Management
  • Manufacturing Information Systems (MRP, MRP11, ERP)
  • Just-in-Time systems
Day 4 : Managing Quality and Service Delivery
  • Lean thinking and six sigma
  • Quality control and improvement
  • Service Delivery System Design
  • Process Flow Analysis
  • Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP)
Day 5 : Business Process Management (BPM)
  • The value and benefits of Business Process Management
  • The principles of Business Process Management and how to apply them
  • The strategic, tactical and operational considerations in a comprehensive BPM framework
  • Process Problem Analysis
  • Business Process Redesign (BPR)
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