Managing a High-Performing Sales Team

An Intensive 5-day Training Course

Managing a High-Performing Sales Team

  • Format: Classroom, Live/Online
  • Duration: 5 days
  • Language: English
  • Accredited: CPE, KHDA Certified training courses
Managing a High-Performing Sales Team


Date Venue Fee CPE Credit
Date: 22-26 Jul 2024
Venue: Dubai
Fee: US $5,950
CPE Credit: 30
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Date: 04-08 Nov 2024
Venue: Dubai
Fee: US $5,950
CPE Credit: 30
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Date Venue Fee CPE Credit
Date: 22-26 Jul 2024
Venue: Live/Online
Fee: US $3,950
CPE Credit: 30
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Date: 04-08 Nov 2024
Venue: Live/Online
Fee: US $3,950
CPE Credit: 30
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The world of selling is undergoing some dramatic changes. New buyer behaviour and emerging technologies are changing, along with how sales organizations go to the market and build customer relationships. Leaders of sales teams encounter challenges to find and engage resources across functions and organizations. They cope with a higher knowledge burden and a far more diverse set of soft skills to retain both top performers and unmotivated staff in order to attract the right talent with the desired skills and competencies whilst changing the current sales force’s mindset and behaviour. Another big challenge is the transition from executive role to managerial position, what happens when sales training doesn’t translate to sales management training. Being a sales manager is no longer about selling, it’s about managing a team and helping other people maximize their performance in order to meet sales quotas.

EuroMaTech’s Managing a High-Performing Sales Team training course has been designed to meet these challenges in order to produce top sales performance from teams. Being a good sales professional isn’t just about being able to sell well, the role requires great business sense and excellent leadership skills. A sales professional is expected to maximise his sales and get the best results for the business through its team. To lead high performance teams sales professionals have to assume a multitude of roles: coach, phycologist, mentor, leader. They’re responsible for coaching and motivating their team to make sure they have the right skills to develop. They need to know how to develop and execute a successful sales strategy. A range of ideas within this training course will help professionals to hit their targets through better people management. The immediate rewards are better commission, personal development for the team, happier customers and excellent long-term benefits for the company.

Participants attending EuroMaTech’s Managing a High-Performing Sales Team training course will develop the following competencies;

  • Develop awareness of current trends in sales
  • Understanding all roles of sales professionals
  • Building knowledge of hiring and developing highly-performing sales team
  • Understanding teams, different differences and learning styles
  • Managing and motivating their teams more efficiently
  • Learning the main principles of coaching and motivation
  • Understanding the techniques to manage top and under performers
  • Understanding the importance of an emotionally intelligent sales culture
  • Supporting their organisation by becoming highly effective leader

During EuroMaTech’s Managing a High-Performing Sales Team training course sales professionals will:

  • Gain insight into new trends in sales
  • Analyse personal SWOT analyses
  • Examine sales and business strategies
  • Improve productivity by understanding principles of time and stress management
  • Identify their own managerial and leadership skills
  • Improve their external and internal negotiating skills
  • Learn strategies recruit and develop best talents
  • Improve their coaching and mentoring skills
  • Manage effectively sales activities
  • Learn to set SMART targets
  • Study the importance of continued learning development
  • Learn how to develop emotionally intelligent teams


EuroMaTech’s Managing a High-Performing Sales Team training course is beneficial for:

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Business Owners
  • Chief Executives
  • Sales Directors
  • Sales Managers
  • Sales Team Leaders
Training methodology

EuroMaTech’s Managing a High-Performing Sales Team training course combines conventional teaching with a high level of participation. Each module includes practical exercises to try out the new knowledge and skills learnt using small and whole group exercises, discussion of topics, case studies, brainstorming and role plays. Participants will be able to capitalize on their existing experience and expertise, immediately applying new skills to their individual workplace.


The main goal of EuroMaTech’s Managing a High-Performing Sales Team training course is to give sales professionals a range of tools to effectively manage and lead their team. The main focus of the training will be on improving managerial efficiency and all aspects of team leading development. Sales professionals will be equipped with the fundamental techniques of hiring, training, developing and managing team to achieve maximum performance and revenue. Delegates will walk away from this programme with a specific action plan and the tools they need to lead a successful sales team.

Day 1 : Sales Challenges and Strategies
  • New trends in sales
  • Personal SWOT analyses
  • Different roles of sales professionals
  • Understanding of corporate, business and market level strategy
  • Planning, delivering and monitoring business strategy
  • Revenue forecasting
  • Importance of cross-functional collaboration
Day 2 : Managerial Productivity
  • Sales management styles
  • Sales leadership
  • Time management and personal productivity
  • Stress management
  • Art of delegation
  • Building effective working relationships
  • Productive internal and external negotiation skills
Day 3 : Sales Talent Development
  • Developing sales executives into managerial roles
  • Hiring the right talent
  • Conducting appraisals and evaluations
  • Giving constructive feedback
  • Retaining the staff and reducing turnover
  • Understanding differences in teams and learning styles
  • Managing top performers and under performers
  • Developing business acumen and big-picture thinking of the team
  • Coaching and mentoring
Day 4 : Sales Performance Management
  • Managing sales activities
  • Key Performance Indicators to measure sales performance
  • Mastering cycle management
  • Increasing up sell and cross sell
  • Boosting repeat business
  • Setting and managing SMART sales targets
  • Motivating and inspiring your team
  • Creating sales incentives and healthy competitions
Day 5 : Creating Winning Sales Culture
  • Creating continued learning environment
  • Developing emotionally intelligent teams
  • Improving team collaboration
  • Agility and flexibility
  • Action planning

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