An Intensive 3-Day Online Training Course

IOT – Internet of Things


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11 - 13 Dec 2022 Live/Online US $ 1800 Enroll now
20 - 22 Mar 2023 Live/Online US $ 1950 Enroll now
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18 - 20 Sep 2023 Live/Online US $ 1950 Enroll now
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This highly participative EuroMaTech online training course covers Internet of Things (IoT) products and services developed for the urban projects and design of smart cities-including devices for sensing, actuation, processing, and communication, all of which are there to help you develop skills and experiences you can employ in designing novel systems, or implementing the IoT systems within the existing urban environments.  

Participants attending the IOT-Internet of Things online training course will develop the following competencies:  

  • Understanding of IoT devices and their applications
  • Enabling IoT in Smart City/Building, Energy, and Transportation
  • Knowledge of IoT system architecture
  • Ability to tackle the risks related to IoT security, privacy and data sharing
  • Analysis of device categories available in the marketplace
  • Ability to implement software and services that go into an IoT solution
  • Confidence in solving security considerations within the implementation
Program Objectives

This IOT-Internet of Things training online training course aims to enable participants to achieve the following objectives:  

  • To be able to introduce IoT within their plans and projects
  • To implement IoT devices of the shelf into existing infrastructure
  • To enhance the urban development within their arena trough IoT devices
  • To apply innovative solutions in tackling urban life problems
  • To achieve reduction in costs
  • To exponentially improve customer satisfaction 
Who should attend?
  • Urban planers, Project Managers
  • Construction Supervisors
  • Transportation and Logistics planners
  • CEOs, CTOs, CIOs,
  • Planners/Managers and Forecasters
  • Business Analysts 
  • Statistical and Research Analysts
  • Leaders or those aspiring to become leaders
  • Digitalisation and data experts
Training Methodology 

The IOT-Internet of Things online training course is presented trough examples in implemented projects, discussions, presentations, videos, theory and implementation issues review, as well as assignments that the delegates are to do and present their application possibility within their area of work. 

Program Summary

The IOT-Internet of Things online training course is designed for the people who are involved in tackling everyday issues like congestion, energy consumption, mass transit, mass services provision and administration of the everyday activities of citizens. It enables the delegates with the knowledge related to implementation of IoT within different areas of urban life and management of mass services. 

Program Outline
Day 1: IoT in smart cities
  • Introduction to IoT
  • IoT standards and technologies
  • IoT project management
  • IoT business case
  • Typical applications of IoT
Day 2: IoT architecture
  • Fog computing architecture
  • IoT enabling technologies
    • Networking
    • Communication
    • Storage
    • Virtualization
    • Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Artificial Intelligence
  • ITS, Smart City, Smart Buildings
Day 3: The implementation of IoT
  • Analytical framework
  • Multi-robot systems
  • Existing solutions for IoT
  • Compatibility with older systems
  • Sustainable IoT solutions
  • Expansion of IoT 
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