An Intensive 5-Day Online Training Course

Improving Productivity through Quality Enhancement & Cost Reduction


06 - 10 Nov 2022 Live/Online US $ 2400 Enroll now
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06 - 10 Nov 2023 Live/Online US $ 2950 Enroll now

Since improving productivity is vital in today’s competitive world, a clear understanding of the term productivity is essential. Businesses have to operate in a highly competitive market place and whatever business you are in, it is imperative, especially in today’s turmoil and economic situation, that a real focus is placed on methods to deliver superior quality through a process of enhanced productivity and at the same time reduce the costs by eliminating wasteful activities and failure.

There are so many “theoretical” ways or processes that could be implemented and indeed, have in many organizations. However, these do not always work and deliver the desired outcomes. “Cost cutting” is no longer the solution to sustainable profitability, the key to success is finding creative ways to prevent wasteful activities.

This premium quality EuroMaTech virtual training course has been designed to examine the real issues and concentrate on areas that make a dynamic impact so that productivity can be improved, quality is enhanced and there is a constant philosophy of cost reduction through efficiency and diligence.

Participants attending the Improving Productivity through Quality Enhancement & Cost Reduction virtual training course will develop the following competencies:

  • Understanding the importance of enhancing productivity
  • How to analyze the “actual” reasons why desired outcomes are not met
  • Cost analysis techniques
  • Eliminating wasteful activities
  • Improving quality through personal diligence
  • Root cause analysis and taking appropriate action
Programme Objectives 

EuroMaTech’s Improving Productivity through Quality Enhancement & Cost Reduction virtual training course aims to help participants to achieve the following objectives:

  • Advantages of cost reduction
  • Cost of good quality
  • Internal failure costs and external failure costs
  • Failure costs of poor quality
  • Quality improvement initiatives
  • Understanding of people vs. process issues
  • Implementing appropriate activities to enhance productivity
Who Should Attend? 

This EuroMaTech Improving Productivity through Quality Enhancement & Cost Reduction virtual training course is specifically designed for business leaders and senior management team members who have a desire to improve the way in which their businesses are run with a focus on continuous improvement in the value chain leading to cost reductions and enhanced efficiency.

Because of the universality of the principles and techniques covered, the course will also be of value to anyone involved in a quality function or directly or indirectly involved in a cost or profit centre; regardless of their professional background or industry they operate within.

Training Methodology 

This EuroMaTech Improving Productivity through Quality Enhancement & Cost Reduction virtual training course will be delivered by a recognised International Master Trainer whose knowledge is based on real time experience and not just academic theory. The focus is always to make sure that each participant receives training that challenges their level of skills and takes them onto higher levels. The instructor does not just deliver a set of training modules – he will enquire, listen, debate, challenge and then make sure that the course content is relevant to the delegate and their personal learning objectives.

This will be a totally interactive course and the Instructor will develop a competitive team assignment, based on current issues and together with a dynamic and relevant slide presentation and using the most up to date world-class materials, the instructor will take participants through a journey of learning new skills and give them the confidence to use these skills on their return to their duties.

Programme Summary 

This unique EuroMaTech Improving Productivity through Quality Enhancement & Cost Reduction virtual training course covers critical areas of productivity and quality in today’s competitive and demanding market environment. Participants will acquire and develop essential skills that will improve their technical competence whilst at the same time improve their overall understanding of the importance of enhanced productivity and delivering superior quality using appropriate cost reduction methodologies

Day 1 : Examine the Areas where Productivity can be Improved
  • The importance of productivity
  • Why productivity matters
  • Theory of productivity: discovering and putting to work the ideas and values
  • The importance people vs. processes
  • The essential elements of increasing workforce productivity
Day 2 : Internal Analysis Methodologies
  • Quality analysis and quality control methods
  • Conducting a productivity and efficiency analysis
  • Analysis of human asset productivity
  • Plant/Equipment productivity analysis
  • Conducting a productivity SWOT analysis
Day 3 : Diagnosis of Causes and Effects
  • Establishing a base line
  • Understanding the various root causes analysis (RCA) methods
  • Application of root cause analysis in improvement of product quality and productivity
  • Identifying and using critical success factors
  • Internal and external benchmarking
Day 4 : Quality Improvement and Cost Reduction Methods
  • Implementing cost reduction strategies
  • Corrective & Preventive Action Management (CAPA)
  • Implementing Lean and Agile philosophies
  • Introduction to Six Sigma
  • Eight case studies that show you can improve quality while also saving money
Day 5 : Continuous Improvement and Managing Resistance to Change
  • Principles of the continuous improvement model
  • Implementing a Kaizen System
  • Working with the Deming Cycle / Shewhart Cycle
  • The process for improving your people management skills
  • Understanding and managing resistance to change
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