An Intensive 5-Day Training Course

Emotional Intelligence for Sales Professionals

Competency Framework for Understanding and Applying EQ within a Sales Role


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An ever-changing business environment requires new selling skills – old-fashioned techniques don’t work with today buyers. Most sales professionals excel in their hard skills, such as closing techniques, but pay little attention to empathy, rapport and self-confidence. Mastering emotional intelligence skills will have a huge impact on personal sales results and therefore on the company’s revenue. Leading sales teams with emotional intelligence, will help to increase turnover and create a positive culture within the company. Increased awareness of self and others will help to establish healthy relationships with customers, partners and suppliers and will stimulate better employee work performance.

EuroMaTech’s highly interactive Emotional Intelligence for Sales Professionals has been designed to cover an array of relevant topics while focusing on those that are most critical to personal and business success is sales. The emphasis of the training will be on powerful methods and proven techniques for improving Emotional Intelligence of Sales Professionals. The participants will leave the training course with new ideas and skills they can implement immediately within their work environment.

Participants attending the Emotional Intelligence for Sales Professionals training course will develop the following competencies:

  • Understand the concept of emotional intelligence and its impact on sales
  • Identify and manage their own emotions
  • Increase awareness of emotions of others
  • Develop better empathy for sales success
  • Improve their conversational techniques
  • Identify different personality types
  • Understand the strategy of building referrals
  • Improve emotional intelligence in key aspects of sales process
Training Objectives

Participants on EuroMaTech’s Emotional Intelligence for Sales Professionals training course will:

  • Understand the importance of emotional intelligence in sales environment
  • Understand the science behind emotional intelligence and the brain
  • Develop emotional intelligence in all areas of sales process including prospecting, objection handling, qualifying and closing
  • Improve their ability to recognize and deal with own emotional triggers
  • Develop practical strategies to manage own emotions
  • Improve their interpersonal skills such confidence, self-awareness, self-regard and impulse control
  • Learn to read emotions of others in sales contest
  • Examine different behavior styles of clients
  • Perfect their questioning and listening techniques
  • Learn to understand nonverbal communication
  • Learn how to create emotionally intelligent sales culture
  • Examine specific attributes that make sales managers good leaders
  • Study the techniques to inspire and lead teams
Who Should Attend? 

EuroMaTech’s Emotional Intelligence for Sales Professionals training course is targeted at:

  • Sales Professionals
  • Business Development Team Member
  • Key Account Managers
  • Team Leaders and Sales Executives
  • Anyone involved in sales or looking into enhancing their sales skills
Training Methodology 

EuroMaTech’s Emotional Intelligence for Sales Professionals training course combines presentations that share both theory and industry best practices with practical sessions. Each module includes practical exercises to try out the new knowledge and skills they learn. We use small and whole group exercises, videos, case studies, peer exchange, brainstorming, role plays and discussions. Participants will reflect on and discuss their own professional issues and experiences. They will be encouraged to contribute the principles of emotional intelligence to their individual workplace.

Training Summary 

EuroMaTech’s Emotional Intelligence for Sales Professionals training course is mainly aimed at developing new knowledge and increased awareness of self and others to improve communication with customers, peers and employees. It will also help to improve leadership skills and create emotionally intelligent sales culture. The key to building better sales and business relationships is having insight in the four skills areas of emotional intelligence, self-awareness, personal management, social awareness and relationship management.

Day 1 - Understanding Emotions
  • Understanding emotional intelligence
  • Return On Emotions
  • Neuroscience of sales
  • The emotional challenge and opportunity
  • Identifying own emotional triggers, motivations and drives
  • Power of likeability
  • Money talk
  • Developing confidence, authenticity and likeability
Day 2 - Managing Emotions
  • Understanding reactions under stress and conflict
  • Best techniques from top sales to manage stress
  • Choosing emotions
  • Re-charge emotional reserves
  • Chimp paradox
  • Change story
  • Setting and managing expectations for consultative selling
  • Mindsets
  • Emotional management in negotiations
Day 3 - Understanding the Emotions of Others
  • Power of empathy
  • Marston’s personality types
  • Matching and mirroring communication style and body language
  • Recognising others’ motivations, triggers and reactions
  • Effective conversation techniques: questioning and listening
  • Finding the prospect’s pain. Testing commitment to change
  • Looking and listening for communication cues
  • Understanding nonverbal communication – how to read and interpret
  • Building rapport
Day 4 - Social Skills in Sales Process
  • How to better connect and meet
  • The strategy of building referral partners and relationships
  • Filling the pipeline through effective networking
  • Crafting value propositions and presentation
  • Effective qualifying
  • Emotionally intelligent objection handling
  • Agree and Align
  • Closing for partnership
Day 5 - Emotionally Intelligent Sales Culture and Leadership
  • Importance of social responsibility
  • Developing emotionally intelligent teams
  • Promoting team work and collaboration
  • Recognizing and appreciating efforts of others
  • Attributes that make sales people effective sales leaders
  • Weather leaders
  • Action planning
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