An Intensive 5-Day Training Course

Communication Manager:

Managing Internal and External Communication to Win Stakeholders Over

  • Format: Classroom
  • Duration: 5 days
  • Language: English


24 - 28 Jul 2023 Dubai - UAE US $ 5950 Enroll now
25 - 29 Dec 2023 Dubai - UAE US $ 5950 Enroll now
22 - 26 Jul 2024 Dubai - UAE US $ 5950 Enroll now
23 - 27 Dec 2024 Dubai - UAE US $ 5950 Enroll now

This EuroMaTech Communication Manager training Course covers in detail the skills communication professionals need to plan, implement and evaluate information flows within their organisations and that are appropriate to their internal and external audiences.

We take a step-by-step approach to developing and managing a communication plan, including content creation, production and distribution skills, plus communications during change and crises

Over our five days together participants will develop advanced competencies in:

  • Analysis: mapping stakeholder and business needs in their organisation
  • Planning: creating a logical framework and route map for effective delivery
  • Implementation: delivering communication activities that stakeholders pay attention to, understand, believe in and act on
  • Evaluation: demonstrating the outputs, outcomes and value to the business

By the end of our five days together participants in this EuroMaTech Communication Manager training course will be able to:

  • Develop and measure SMART objectives that link to business objectives and stakeholder expectations
  • Identify and prioritise audiences according to their influence and impact
  • Understand the pros and cons of communication channels and explain how to create a balanced portfolio of channels
  • Understand and explain how to allocate communication responsibilities among team members with different capabilities
  • Brief content creators to deliver on time and to standard required, including graphic designers, photographers and videographers
  • Develop and manage engagement and communication activities during change
  • Manage communications with internal and external audience during a crisis

Marketing, public relations, community relations, public affairs, media relations, corporate communication, internal communications, employee relations and HR professionals who want the latest best practice knowledge and practical skills.

Leaders and team members who want to improve information flows and support for their projects and programmes.


The EuroMaTech Communication Manager training course is unique and combines presentations that share both theory and industry best practices with practical sessions in accordance with adult learning and blended learner-centred principles.

Delivery will be interactive, hands-on, experiential, peer-sharing, reflective and self-directed. Interactive practical sessions include small and whole group exercises, videos, case studies peer exchange, brainstorming, role plays and discussions.

Participants are encouraged to reflect on and discuss their own professional issues and experiences. Overall 70% of training will be experiential and 30% will be theoretical.

Participants will receive a workshop manual with an introduction to the programme, slides, overview, background information, exercises and space for their own notes.


This EuroMaTech Communication Manager training course provides the practical skills that are the foundation of effective marketing communication campaigns. We take a structured approach that enable participants to develop marketing communication campaigns relevant to  their own organisation and audiences.

Participants will be able to:

  • Understand the marketplace and customer realities facing their organisation and develop marketing and communication campaigns to address these
  • Develop marketing communication activities that deliver value to the bottom line and help the organisation differentiate itself from competitors.
Day 1 - Analysis and Planning
  • Clarifying marketing communication objectives: Identifying potential objectives for activities, clarifying which are relevant and what they mean for your information flows
  • Understanding audiences: Thinking through who your stakeholders are, what information they want to receive and what will persuade them to be supportive
  • Deciding what to communicate: The difference between themes and key messages, how they help create clarity, consistency and structure in marketing and communication activities
  • Creating a balanced portfolio of channels: Looking at the wide range of marketing tools and communication channels, identifying those that will work for your campaign and that you and your team can manage
Day 2 - Implementation and Evaluation
  • Developing a schedule of communication activities: Each of the stages in a communications route map; developing and implementing activities for each stage
  • Creating content – online, print, audio, video: Focusing on creating the content for communication activities, using in-house teams and external suppliers
  • Managing production activities: A-Z of production management that ensures you produce high quality collateral and events on time and budget
  • Evaluating effectiveness: Demonstrating activities achieve their objectives and deliver positive outcomes and value to your organisation
Day 3 - Change Communications
  • The Dynamics of Change – psychology and culture
  • Dealing with the psychological impact of change
  • How to motivate and inspire performance
  • Communicating the strategic changes in a positive manner
  • Communicating the message of change
Day 4 - Crisis Communications
  • Environmental scanning, using SWOT and PEST analyses and scenarios
  • Advanced issue management
  • Building your crisis communication plan and toolkit including dark websites
  • Identifying and training media spokespeople
  • Managing the initial response
  • Crisis handling and business recovery
Day 5 - Advanced Interpersonal Skills
  • Time management strategies for prioritising, staying on task and becoming more efficient
  • Giving feedback: understanding when and how to give constructive feedback so it is useful and helpful
  • Facilitating discussion and debate: ensuring everyone contributes and respects different viewpoints
  • Enabling collaboration: sharing and encouraging others to share ideas and information
  • Creating respect for others: a cohesive team with mutual respect
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