An Intensive 10-Day Training Course

Advanced Corporate Analysis, Valuation & Financial Modelling

  • Format: Classroom
  • Duration: 10 days
  • Language: English
  • Accredited: KHDA,


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02 - 13 Oct 2023 Vienna US $ 11900 Enroll now

Strategic Financial Planning and Implementation are key to the future growth, profitability and sustainability of any organisation. This Euromatech 10-day course provides delegates with the skills to improve both strategic and financial performance. These skill are developed using real-world case studies enabling delegates to transfer benefits direct to their workplace.

This highly participative EuroMaTech training course hones financial expertise in interpreting and evaluating company performance and credit assessment through the examination of key financial and qualitative information. In addition delegates will develop financial models to improve their financial forecasting and analysis of different scenarios, thereby reducing risk and improving profitability and ensuring informed strategic decisions supported by clear financial plans

This Euromatech training course will enable you to learn the many benefits of Strategic and Financial Planning, including:

  • Improved strategic planning, implementation, and results
  • Improved credit decisions
  • The ability to understand and evaluate financial statements
  • Improved performance evaluation and risk management
  • Integration of strategy, finance, and operations
  • Improved Excel and analytical skills to make more informed stategic and financial decisions
  • Evaluate and recommend Strategic & Financial Plans
  • Understanding and evaluate financial statements to enhance the financial and strategic performance and creditworthiness of an organization
  • Identifying key success factors, early warning signs, and financial momentum signals in your own industry sector
  • Use Excel to develop realistic forecasts to aid strategic and financial decision making
  • Make sound credit decisions
  • Develop skills to understand and avoid the pitfalls of strategic planning
  • Executive level professionals with strategic and / or financial responsibility
  • Finance and credit professionals from all sectors, who are keen to boost their performance and knowledge, skills and reputation in their firms and in the industry
  • Senior level professionals who need to understand strategic implementation and its financial impact
  • Middle level professionals in all areas of the business impacting and affected by strategic decisions
  • Personnel related to, moving into or aspiring to roles in credit and finance that require deeper understanding and intelligent interpretation of financial information
  • All staff who are accountable for financial performance

This EuroMaTech training course will be highly participatory and your trainer will present, guide and facilitate learning, using a range of methods including discussions, case studies and exercises. This will include real-world examples and where appropriate, issues brought to the programme by delegates.


This Advanced Corporate Analysis, Valuation & Financial Modelling training course provides delegates with the skills to make financial forecasts, analyse credit decisions and make a valuable contribution to strategic and financial planning within their organisations. By utilising the very latest tools and techniques.

Day 1 - Getting Started with Credit Analysis
  • Types of borrowers and their need for financing
  • Concepts of interest and principal, how calculated and charged
  • Types of financing
  • Cycles, bubbles, 5 Cs of credit
  • Purpose, amount payback, risks
  • Character, capability, capital
  • The credit formula and its drivers over time
  • Case study: basic analysis example
Day 2 - Qualitative Elements
  • Intro to qualitative analysis and frameworks (PESTER)
  • Understanding strategy, competitive advantage and key success factors
  • Porter’s 5 Forces, BCG model
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Industry risk and operating environment
  • Management quality and company standing, including ownership and governance
  • Case study: practical example
Day 3 - Quantitative Elements
  • Financial statements, with focus on cash flow
  • Ratio analysis: profitability, liquidity, efficiency, leverage, market ratios
  • Evaluating debt capacity, WACC approach
  • Assessing stability of revenues, EBITDA, cash flow
  • Credit ratings – fundamental and market-derived
  • Case study: on a rated corporate
Day 4 - Financial Forecasting, Credit Structuring & Safeguards
  • Preparing a financial forecast in excel
  • Scenario analysis and stress testing
  • Identifying funding needs
  • Appropriate capital structure and financial instruments
  • Credit pricing
  • Terms and conditions
  • Case study: pricing a corporate facility
Day 5 - Problem Credits
  • Spotting early warning signs
  • Leading indicators
  • Lagging indicators
  • Developing action plans
  • Restructuring
  • Case study: distressed asset
Day 6 - What is Strategic and Financial Planning?
  • The role of strategy in business and why it matters
  • The ingredients of a good strategy
  • Customer analysis and market segmentation
  • Effective strategy making processes with proper financial planning
  • Tools for understanding industry developments
  • The core strategic financial choices for a business
  • Who is responsible for strategy making and who should be held accountable?
  • Case Study
Day 7 - Integrating Strategic and Financial Planning with Operational Management
  • Contrasting management with strategic leadership
  • The competencies of strategic leadership
  • The top manager as strategist
  • The CFO as strategist
  • Using Scenario analysis and environmental scanning
  • SWOT and other acronyms
  • Corporate Culture and its effect on strategy and financial planning
  • The operational manager’s role in strategy
  • Case study
Day 8 - Using Evidence for Strategic and Financial Planning
  • Analyzing the market place and the customers
  • Understanding the competition
  • Financial analysis: past, present, and future
  • Knowing the core strengths and weaknesses of your business
  • Identifying your core competitive advantage
  • Developing Vision statements that make a difference
  • Developing mission statements that make a difference
  • Examining alternative strategies
  • Creating the strategic plan
  • Case study
Day 9 - Implementing Strategic and Financial Plans
  • Using financial planning to prepare the ground for change in the business
  • Communicating the strategy and having control points
  • Overcoming internal political resistance
  • Reviewing and measuring progress with proper variance analysis
  • Turnaround and corrective measures
  • Managing implementation as a continuous process
  • Case Study
Day 10 - Becoming a Leader of Strategic Financial Planning
  • Building strategy making and implementation into the role of managers
  • Developing strategic leadership capability
  • Creating organizational commitment to the business strategy
  • Leading strategy making teams effectively
  • Incentive plans
  • Balanced Scorecard and other performance management systems
  • Realistic action planning
  • Case study
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