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“For a long time, people were saying that most accidents were due to human error and this is true in a sense but it’s not very helpful.  It’s a bit like saying that falls are due to gravity.” Dr. T. Kletz. Oil & Gas Operational Safety 

No employee – no family – should have to wonder whether today will be a safe day at the workplace.  Everyday should be a safe day. All employees must return home every day without any harm.

The truth, however, is that unfortunately every year accidents still occur in the oil and gas industry resulting in the unacceptable loss of lives and the heavy financial loss running into millions of dollars for compensation, plant repairs and government fines.

The only way to prevent this horrific story repeating is the insisting on investing in solid training for employees within the oil & gas industry. It is no wonder that the standard for Process Safety Management stipulates that training for the operating staff should be repeated at least every 36 months.

It is not possible to calculate how many accidents have been prevented with consistent training because the accidents have not occurred. Strong training programs are critical for success in the oil and gas industry. The systems for good control and incident prevention are always there but the problem remains that these systems are not functioning correctly. Is this because the management loop has flaws and the staff lack the necessary competencies?

EuroMaTech’s Oil and Gas Operational Safety training course is critical and drives competency changes for the delegates attending. A variety of different topics will be covered including the Regulations covering the oil and Gas Industry, Start up, Safe Containment of Hydrocarbons and HAZOP studies with case studies of where and why there have been failures.

Delegates attending this EuroMaTech course on “Oil and Gas Operational Safety” will take away invaluable knowledge that can and should be used in their own organizations’.

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