The Strategic People Manager

Have you every played the children’s game of “Join the Dots?” Most children’s books have pages of shapes that can be completed by joining the dots. The rule is to join the dots in the correct numerical order. If you do not, you will not achieve the intended picture. Strategic People Manager.

Well, strategy is a little like joining the dots – except for two major differences. Firstly, there are no dots. You must identify them yourself in your strategy formulation. Secondly, once you have identified the dots, you must join them up in the right order, strategy implementation. As with the children’s game, if the dots are wrong and you join them up in the wrong order, the picture will not be as visioned.

Strategic People Managers generally have a better understanding of where the business currently stands (the dots) and what innovative changes (the sequence) they need to implement in order to reach the goal (vision). By assessing their industry, leaders can help management teams to recognise the organisation’s current position within its sector and establish realistic and attainable objectives. Leaders can then assist in determining how best to reach these goals and help implement the necessary changes. By taking a precise and pragmatic view of strategy, leaders can assess the impact on their business and achieve sustainability.

If we go back to the children for a moment, there is another similarity. Any journey you take with a child will include those magic words, “are we there yet?” Our children need to know the who, what, when, where and why. So do the people that we have sent on a journey of strategic change – engagement is a key component of a successful strategy. If our teams know the 5 W’s, then success becomes more certain. The lack of knowing simply creates resistance and disquiet among the passengers. The role of the Strategic People Manager is to identify the strategy formulation, to drive the strategy implementation and engage the workforce in a united effort to achieve success.

Attend the EuroMaTech – The Strategic People Manager training course to help you achieve your strategic success.


ABOUT the Course:

This unique EuroMaTech training course on The Strategic People Manager covers critical areas of strategic achievement through those responsible for its execution – namely the people. The strategic manager may be accountable, but it is the people who are responsible for success. Therefore engagement is necessary and for engagement you need to build trust and influence through emotional intelligent management.

The focus of this course is on the management style, behaviours and actions required to achieve effective engagement with those people tasked to achieve strategic objectives. This will include detailed presentation and discussion of contemporary leading-edge approaches to people management and engagement showing how traditional systems of management should be changed to ensure strategic objectives succeed and organisations are sustained.

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