The Industrial Revolution 4 Leadership Competencies

Nothing short of highly adaptive and innovative leadership competencies are needed in order to survive and strive in a rapid-changing world! The Industrial Revolution 4 calls for innovative leadership and collaborated teamwork in order to meet the fast-changing landscape of current digital technological breakthroughs which has no historical precedent. The impact of such revolution has been simply disruptive…

The Industry Revolution 4 workplace and workforce demand competent leadership that is agile, adaptive, innovative and highly collaborative in order to assimilate the challenges, to inspire purpose, passion and productivity.

Culture eats strategy for breakfast” is a famous quote from legendary management consultant and writer Peter Drucker. The most intriguing challenges faced by leaders are often not technical related, but mostly cultural, psychological, attitudinal, intrapersonal and interpersonal related predicaments.

Agility, creative, positive thinking, innovative leadership, reframing skill, people development, behavioural management, emotional intelligence, collaborative intelligence, solution focus disposition and coaching skill are essential part of the Industrial Revolution 4 leadership competencies and professionalism.

In order to design effective Industrial Revolution 4 leadership competencies, soft-skills training programs must go beyond active learning style, group discussion or case studies. It must incorporate mind-altering simulation, behaviour modifying techniques, therapeutic modality aims at correcting “old habits die hard” patterns resulting in the cultivation of new and effective leadership behaviours. The programs also need to assess personal strengths and weaknesses, be able to recommend specific customised personal development pathways for each individual going through the program.

Some of the goals and objectives must cover areas such as:

  • Mastering self-awareness and empathy
  • Cultivate emotional intelligence competencies
  • Go beyond emotional intelligence to achieve emotional excellence
  • Enhance intrapersonal skills and interpersonal skills
  • Improve communication skills and influencing skills
  • Apply the psychology of motivation to inspire performance
  • Techniques for conflict resolution
  • Developing stress reduction strategy and techniques.
  • Receive individually customised feedback for self-development
  • Learn flexi-leadership style and reframing skills collaborate teamwork

The Industrial Revolution 4 soft-skills program has been designed to inspire delegates cultivate high standard of professionalism and formulate tool kits to achieve “Emotional Excellence for Life”.  All participants should return to their organizations immeasurably strengthened in their influence and leadership capabilities. Ideally, it would be a dynamic experience which goes beyond head knowledge.

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