Systems Thinking and Managing Complex Scenarios Training Course in Dubai

Systems Thinking is useful in policy or strategy analysis, in rapidly changing situations, and to ensure as far as possible that the outcomes are as intended. It is a capability and an excellent tool for the analysis of complex socio-technical problems, for foresight and alternative unfolding futures.

This EuroMaTech training course shows you how to investigate systemic problems and to facilitate system level solutions, and how to find real, lasting solutions to complex problems. The Systems Thinking training course also covers many of the techniques and tools developed by system analysis practitioners, and provides thorough understanding of a step-by-step methodology for translating complex scenarios into structured practical models. The System Thinking techniques are normally applied to:

  • Identify real issues in complex interconnected situations
  • Gain increased productivity through business improvements in complex open innovation ecosystems.
  • Examine long-term trends and alternative business solutions for harnessing radical innovations
  • Focus on the key elements of complex scenarios
  • Evaluate the best course of action through strategic problem solving

The Systems Thinking skills learnt in this training course will enable transformational leaders to define and facilitate organisational change, as well as to influence complex alliances, partnerships and other interfirm relationships.

Please click here to review the published outline for the “Systems Thinking and Managing Complex Scenarios” training course and seminar. Need further information or would you like to register on “Systems Thinking and Managing Complex Scenarios” training seminar in Dubai between 30 Sep – 04 Oct 2018?

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