Stakeholders Management Training Course in Dubai

Influencing, convincing and persuading all of the internal and external stakeholders such as client, contractors, consultants, vendors, teams are essential and critical for successful  project and business as usual execution. It is a relationship game. Securing the buy-in of individuals confidently, skilfully and competently where you don’t have direct authority and control can support a drive for operational excellence and business continuity. Tricky, challenging, demanding and complicated stakeholders could be driving the mission critical decisions. So managing effectively and navigating successfully the complex relationship between these stakeholders are essential for any business and project professionals. Stakeholders Management.

Often stakeholders tend to bring in their own interest with hidden agendas, so normalizing the differences and achieving consensus for seamless are extremely crucial. The strategic project professional uses the views, interest and attitudes of stakeholders to shape a project at an early stage, keeping support throughout the lifecycle of their project and improving project deliverables down the line. Stakeholders Management is an essential skill set used frequently in meetings, business negotiations and when developing and communicating the business case for a new initiative.

Please click here to review the published outline for the “Stakeholders Management” training course and seminar. Need further information or would you like to register on “Stakeholders Management” training seminar in Dubai between 14 – 18 Oct 2018?

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