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Public relations and corporate communications have changed dramatically in the 21st century – and the pace is increasing. Although many pundits focus on communications technology which has undergone a seismic shift, the greatest change affecting this profession is in society itself.

Today’s consumers, suppliers and workers are very different from their parent’s generation. They are global citizens with extraordinary and unprecedented access to information. They are more worldly, cynical and mistrustful. So much so that one of the most effective measures of an organisation now is trust.

People want to deal with or work for businesses that are driven by a clear and compelling purpose. But a convincing purpose has to be something more than just rehash of your mission statement. Your mission is what your organisation is trying to do, your purpose is why you want to accomplish that mission. It needs to convince and inspire.

Why is this important? It is because Millennials and the so-called Generation Z tell researchers that it is.  The Purpose Pulse 2020, a new report on social trends produced by Purpose Union, The Brand & Reputation Collective and Root Cause, claims that 71% of these young people regard Climate change as the greatest challenge that they face while 60% see economic inequality and political instability as key challenges. The list goes on.

Over 60% of respondents said that it is important that companies take a stance on issues that matter to them. A majority of those surveyed also said that having a clear purpose beyond profit is important to them when considering which brands to use. This does not mean that every organisation must be a campaigning one like the Body Shop Whole Foods or Zappos. It means that you should have similar values to your users and staff.

Price Waterhouse Coopers reported in 2018 that nearly 80% of business leaders surveyed believed that an organisation’s purpose is central to its business success. Harvard Business School and other have offered evidence that purpose-driven companies have more engaged employees and more loyal customers, and so make more money. PR and Corporate Communications must play a key role in delivering clear purpose through great internal and external communication, helping shape the narrative and engaging all stakeholders.

This is not a wishy-washy ideal. It is a process that should rely on hard data to shape decisions and consistent evaluation to prove that it is working or to diagnose when it isn’t. The next decade will be shaped by the search for purpose and our course will show how this is accomplished using examples of those who have achieved it. Although this successful training course has been in existence for more than 2 decades it has constantly evolved with up-to-date information and examples to keep delegates ahead of the curve.

Join us on 15 – 19 March 2020 in Dubai, U.A.E to learn more about the Public Relations & Corporate Communications training course and register now.

Reference: EuroMaTech Senior Consultant – Derek Prior, Course leader and former PR and Corporate Communications Director of blue chip international organisations.

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