Project Management for Contract Professionals Training Course in Dubai

Published date: July 29, 2018

Application of project management methodology is essential to deliver successful contractual outcomes. Whether you are a project owner, a supplier or a client, you need to understand and control project timelines, scope and costs.

This highly intensive EuroMaTech training course covers the entire project life cycle and is based on the best practices of Project Management as it applies to Contract environment. In this training course you will learn to use modern project management tools to deliver results on time, within budget and in accordance with requirements, while proactively managing risk and ensuring stakeholder engagement.

Participants on this training course will explore a wide range of issues at the crossover of project and contract management, and develop the following competencies:

  • Understanding, prioritising and formulating business needs to clearly define project objectives and contract specifications
  • Collecting stakeholder requirements
  • Creating realistic schedules
  • Recognising resource limitations to develop achievable budgets
  • Exploring the objectives and priorities of stakeholders, clients and suppliers to nurture robust value-based relationships
  • Accepting the fundamental uncertainties in projects and contracts and developing strategies and actions to mitigate risks and capitalise on opportunities
  • Developing specific plans and schedules that will withstand the pressure of constantly changing environment
  • Aligning projects and contracts with your organization’s strategic objectives to demonstrate real organisational value and maximise benefit realization

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