Once you stop learning you start dying

There is no point in time that one can state “Yes I do know enough and I do not need any further knowledge of the subject of Health and Safety”. New knowledge, new laws and new guidelines appear regularly as a result of greater insights into incident investigations and the results of medical research. Health and Safety is a field that is forever developing and is never at a standstill.

In the United States OSHA (the Occupational Safety and Health Administration) was set up to help ensure safe and healthful working conditions for working men and women by setting up and enforcing standards.

This EuroMaTech seminar on OSHA Standards will help keep delegates up to date in this fast moving field. The beauty of OSHA standards is that these standards are precise, detailed and fully functional and there is no fudge factor to contend with.

A number of OSHA standards will be covered such as Lockout/Tagout (OSHA 1910.147) and Permit-required confined spaces (OSHA 1910.146) as well as recommendations made by OSHA for companies to follow such as the OSHA‘s new initiative for a “Safety & Health Program Management (Guidelines)” to name but a few of the topics. Different incident investigations have resulted in the development of further guidelines such as Process Safety Indicators ANSI / API RP 754 and the role of Inherently Safer Technology which will also be discussed.

The case studies included in the seminar will highlight different aspects of both standards and behaviours with these standards.

No employee — no family — should have to wonder whether today will be a safe day at the workplace. Everyday should be a safe day. To this end this safety seminar is aimed at and everyone should dwell on what Albert Einstein said “Once you stop learning you start dying”.

Join us by register to this “OSHA – Occupational Safety and Health Administration Standards” training course.

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