Navigating the Sea of Data

Artificial Intelligence – As the world and technology has developed, and introduced new paradigms like Big Data, IoT, Artificial Intelligence, Digitization and many others, the documents and records that the average employee needs to work on everyday has exponentially increased. The data was in the beginning referred as data lakes, while now we can freely discuss about the data oceans.

As with the navigation through the oceans, the navigation within the data also has its own rules and regulations. The data can belong to certain entity, organization, person etc. like the territorial waters of the oceans, while other data might be accessible to anyone, and this would be considered as international waters.

This comparison can actually help us determine the current state of affairs regarding the digital world and the data, as it is expanding and the people and institutions cannot define rules and regulations at the pace that will keep up with the developments.

We should understand that although the navigation in the oceans and territorial waters were defined a long time ago, there is still a lot of issues and we can still hear about the disputes regarding the territorial waters. The same is with the data – as the data becomes a part of the world data ocean, it can enter the rough seas where all the territorial disputes are focused. It can also be tempered with or even hijacked by hackers, like the ships and crews today can be intercepted by pirates.

To be able to safely navigate the territorial water issues the entities, companies and institutions should be first aware of the rules and regulations, and at the same time, be able to comply with their requirements, either on the national, or regional or international level.

At the same time, companies and institutions need to be prepared to either individually or in cooperation with other companies and institutions, protect their own data from intrusion, stealing or tampering.

The risks are many and keep expanding, however there are also solutions and barriers which can be used for mitigating these risks, and optimizing the workflow of the companies, institutions and industries.

The adequate information regarding the available systems, the proper way of their introduction and the timeframe required for their optimal results is helping the companies navigate through the data oceans, keeping them in the waters they are allowed to sail in, providing them with charts and maps which enable them to avid the reefs and hidden dangers, while at the same time, enabling full cooperation with other data users for the benefit of them as a company but also for the benefit of their customers.

The navigation is not easy, but it is possible to achieve excellence and even discover some uncharted waters where the companies can achieve sustainable gains.

Proper information, training and planning, with an adequate understanding of the time required to implement the data solutions, is of outmost importance for success.

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