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Contract management, is a critical component of budget implementation/execution – as defined within the public financial management cycle. Financial controls should be in place to ensure that funds are available in a timely manner and are used only for the intended purposes. Contract Management Solutions

If there are issues in the budget planning and approval process, such issues should be identified well in advance (e.g. during Project preparation) and appropriate arrangements put in place. Undue delays in making contractual payments put the organization at contractual default, potentially also affecting contractor cash flow, resulting in contract implementation delays and other complications.

Effective contract management is essential in delivering the intended outcome. This training course will assist organization in managing contracts (post- contract award).

The purpose of this training course on Contract Management is to support organizations’ contract management practice by illustrating some of the key aspects and issues. It should be kept in mind that contracts shall be managed in accordance with the contract.

It is part of the Procurement Process. The processes preceding contract award (such as procurement planning, selection of contractors etc.) are described in detail in the various procurement guidance.

This training course focuses on the contract management solutions and activities undertaken during the period from the award of contract to contract completion. Where applicable, this period includes the defects liability period and/or warranty period. Contract Management training course provides participants with the essential knowledge and skills required to effectively and efficiently deliver contract outcomes while minimising risk exposure

This training course starts from the general and relevant aspects of contract management (such as Contract Management Plan (CMP), relationship management etc.). It then presents the contract management aspects of selected categories (such as Works, Goods etc.) to try to support teams involved in managing one or more of those categories.

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