Gas Processing Training Course in Dubai

Natural or associated gas processing as well as refinery off gases may contain a number of acidic contaminants, primarily h5S and CO2, inert gases, helium and nitrogen and in rare cases Radon. Removal of these acidic components can be divided into two broad categories, chemical and physical. Sometimes a mixture of chemical and physical solvents are used either in a continuous or batch process.

The programme concentrates on treatment processes in the entire natural gas value chain, from discovery, exploration and transportation through to sales and marketing. The h5S can be converted to sulphur using a modified Claus Sulphur Recovery unit. Each of the various sulphur recovery processes is examined and their chemistry explored in detail. Other techniques that will be covered include Shell’s greener alternative Thiopaq.

This programme will feature:

  • Origins and chemical characteristics of Natural Gas
  • Gas Treatment Technologies and Processes
  • Amine Systems and Physical Solvents Design Criteria
  • Troubleshooting Gas Sweetening and Sulphur recovery Units
  • All the current Sulphur Recovery Technologies

Please click here to review the published outline for the “Gas Processing” training course and seminar. Need further information or would you like to register on “Gas Processing” training seminar in Dubai between 30 Sep – 04 Oct 2018?

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