Do we Fail to Learn or do we Learn to Fail?

The title ‘Working Safely’ is so simple but the objective so difficult to achieve and maintain. The vision of every company is to have zero accidents. To work towards this vision different targets have to be set to reduce incidents and improve the performance of all the staff.

Incident causes are far too often attributed to human error. The question that then arises is “what is the solution?” It is most comforting to use the term “human error” because nothing can be done about it as it is just “One of those things that happen. Let us just get on with the job at hand”. To maintain that no supervisor or manager is at fault and the systems are all in order and working as designed is irrational.
Incidents will continue to occur and a certain percentage will eventually result in accidents (loss or harm of some type). The systems for good control and incident prevention are always there but the problem remains that these systems are not functioning correctly. Is this because the management loop has flaws of the staff lack the necessary competencies?

The solution is to make every member of staff competent and knowledgeable. Competence is the ability to do something successfully or efficiently. The most direct evidence of competence is consistently performing a work related task correctly to the required standard.

The seminar Working Safely will rejuvenate the knowledge of safety requirements within the work environment because without renewed re-training, there is unconscious incompetence.

It is terribly wrong if we fail to learn from past experiences and incidents, however if we learn to (expect to) fail then this takes failure to unprecedented heights.

Delegates attending this Working Safely EuroMaTech course will take away re-learnt knowledge that will be used to maintain their competence and keep both themselves, their co-workers and their subordinates safe.


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