Developing business acumen of the sales team – most overlooked thing after?

Do your sales team understand the drivers behind their customers’ businesses? Are they able to make intelligent connections between these drivers and their product and services?

Are they aware of how the moving parts of a company work together and how financial metrics like profit merging, cash flow reflect how well each of those parts is doing the job?

If your answer is no to all these questions (as for most sales managers) it is probably a time to start looking at imporving business acumen of your sales team.

Do your sales put up finance department in a difficult position closing business be offering heavy discounts?Are they able to ask such questions like “What are your manager’s goals this quarter?

In today’s uber-connected world salespeople need to work within the context of their organization as a whole. It is not possible for a sales person just to close business sometimes overpromising feature putting customer service and operation department under strain.

Business acumen is keen and  fundamental insight into how your business operates and how it makes money and sustain profitable growth, now and in the future.

You want to make sure that your sales people are fantastic internal collaborators, who understand how their decision impact other department and business as a whole.

Such questions from your team like “Can we give a bigger discount to the client” should be met with profit and margin explanation rather than “it is a company’s policy” or “Boss’ decision”.

Sales team with solid business acumen will always be able to demonstrate better sales results, understand the client’s business from their prospective look and act beyond the immediate scope of their job. Another advantage of such approach is that it will be much easier to develop sales person into a managerial position and drive the business further.

“Managing high-performance sales team” is the only seminar that offer you a whole bock of how to develop the business acumen of your team. The unique program of the training is highly practical and every sales manager will leave with ready solutions for their own team. All aspects of sales manager job is fully covered starting from “sales challenges and strategies” and finishing with “creating winning sales culture”. The 5-day length of course will give the opportunity work on your own issues supported by case studies, practical exercises based on yours and your peers’ experiences and up-to-date theoretical material. Upon completion you will have better and bigger vision of your job, company and your employees.

We look forward to welcoming you soon!

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