Data Plays an Important Role in Everyone’s Business

Data Analysis Fundamentals is now being considered as one of the important things to consider in business. Data plays an important role in everyone’s business. It is a physical means to accumulate the business history and intelligence; on the other hand, good data treatment and analysis shapes the business future. One business outperforms than another because the first business is keen to maintain keep the data, regularly analyze it and be predict and dream with it. Well prepared Data combined with good analysis open the closed doors to enhance and improve the business. But it is puzzling! The number of data analysis, collection and preparation methods are enormous.  This EuroMaTech practical training course about Data Analysis will guide you to use the suitable methods for your business and your data. Delegates will be advised and mentored how to choose the best method to collect, prepare and analyze data.

In the first day, each delegate will be engaged to know the best way to collect the data, second day will shed lights to guide the best and most suitable data representation. Third day will illustrate how to use statistical analysis. While in the fourth day data-based decision making is demonstrated. Finally, in fifth day business forecasting customer metrics like retention and value will be practiced using regression and data based methods rather than looking in the crystal sphere.

Delegates are encouraged to bring sample of their own data to enable them to develop their skills in the evaluation of practical case studies relevant to their workplace. This EuroMaTech training course will also use clear explanations, discussions and video material to aid understanding and development, moving delegates from beginners to proficient analysts.

We invite you to take a look at the EuroMaTech website to view the dates of this and other courses being run in exciting venues.

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