Civil Engineering for Junior Engineers

Originally civil engineering was derivative from civilization, so it is the original of everything. Civil engineering is one of the most important science in the world as it can be considered as an interesting tangible application of academic theories. Application of civil engineering can be seen everywhere. Many questions are needed to be answered around statically systems of buildings, bridges, and different types of construction such as how can be constructed? Which material is appropriate? How different types of elements have been designed.

During our sessions, basic knowledge of theories is simply delivered in addition to practical cases in interesting way. Answers of most questions about the behavior of soil, mechanical properties, problematic soil and how to calculate the designed foundations. Component of Reinforced concrete is still the most invention in the last century. Nano technology has been developed recently and reflected on manufacturing of the reinforced concrete dramatically. Nowadays, composed sections between steel and concrete has become one of the most technologies for high rise buildings, so, understanding the first principals of those methodologies is so enjoyable.

Please click here to review the published outline for the “Construction & Civil Engineering Fundamentals for Non-Civil Engineers” training course and seminar. Need further information or would you like to register on this training seminar in Muscat or Dubai?

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