Artificial Intelligence in Daily Life

The first thing that comes to your mind once you hear the word AI is probably a noisy robot that moves quickly or slowly attempting to comprehend your speech with lots of peeping sounds and vibrating movements. Others would think of David in Artificial Intelligence Movie dated “2001”. AI is not for fun anymore. It exceeds numerous experimental daily applications like camera design and development, scanners, OCR, expert systems, data analysis and manipulation. It’s also a combination of thinking and dreaming on how to assist people, just like artist and music composers. AI is not performing black magic that is only kept for computer freaks, but it is rather a science that has tools, stakeholders, developers, testers, and quality assurance people. AI, with the current and available tools, creates a good chance for non-technical people to take the lead in creating and demanding useful application rather than being just a user for the industry can only offer.

EuroMaTech’s Artificial Intelligence training course has been created with lots of passion and effort to device a way that can make you command the techniques and understand how to think of powerful but reachable and attainable AI applications.

The training course design and the workshop style will significantly increase the likelihood to enhance your daily business style, appreciate existing AI solutions and dream or probably develop achievable requirements of new AI applications.

On a 5-day course, you will be led on how to operate workshops, discussions, QaA and small presentation. The course will enlighten foggy and dark areas into a better discovery and examination of the topics of neural networks, genetic programming, deep learning, fuzzy logic, expert systems, data classification, data clustering, automatic reasoning and optimal search. The most important part is the advice of when to use each and the chances of such directions to integrate and maximize the benefit for your business.

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