Advanced Analytics using Microsoft Tools

A single picture is worth more than thousand words. Instead of drowning in the sea of huge data your business probably have accumulated, you can transform the data into a good ladder to reach the business goals. Your data can be very valuable if you take care of how to prepare, analyze and visualize them. EuroMaTech provides a five-day online course about Advanced Analytics using Microsoft Tools. The first day describes data and business goals and how they should be linked together. It also shed some lights on what data analytics are, what business intelligence is and how they are similar and different. Second day directly targets MS Power BI application and advices how to use its components to prepare your data using power query and DAX functions. In the third day of this training course, a guidance book of how to use different visuals to visualize the data and make their trends speak out for themselves rather than the silent big data tables. You will also learn about filters and slicers to help you focus on some part of your data. Day four is devoted mainly to enrich your data with better analysis using Data Analysis expressions (DAX). You will also gain some core knowledge about how to drill through and drill in to get closer look at your data. Finally, in day five is a detailed show how to create and visualize measures is presented.

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