Achieving Great Things in the Office

Office managers and administrators are the unsung heroes of the organisation.

A company I worked with grew at a fantastic rate, going from a start-up to 3 million customers and 13,000 employees in just 7 years. The company systems and processes grew too, and kept on performing in spite of the massive demands. The organisation’s superstars were well identified, and well rewarded – The Managing Director, the Sales and Marketing staff, the Head of HR. But the real heroes were the office and administrative staff who, lead by the Head of Administration, kept the company’s essential systems and processes performing despite the enormous requirements of rapid growth.

The success of any organisation depends upon the efficiency of its office and its administrators. They are responsible for implementing company-wide policies and procedures, ensuring smooth Work Flow, and achieving the Highest Quality at Minimal Cost in the Quickest Time. All this as well as ensuring that the organisation is complying fully with all Laws, Customs, Practices and Health and Safety Requirements.

For office personnel and administrative staff to achieve both personal and organisational goals and objectives demands that they develop a vast mix of interpersonal and professional skills, leading to the confidence to succeed in a wide variety of tasks.

The Competences required for Personal Effectiveness are many and include:

  • Planning
  • Organising
  • Motivating and Leading
  • Coordinating
  • Controlling
  • Accessibility
  • Communicating, written, verbal and presenting

Highly developed Emotional and Chronistic Intelligence are also required to succeed in these challenging roles.

However, there is one thing that is certain. Change will happen and the ability to embrace and manage change is also key to long term success. In terms of demonstrating creativity and innovation, office technology, paperless systems and handheld personal technology all provide a vast opportunity to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of office and administrative systems. Deploying Information instantly to where it’s needed most is a key factor in successful Information Management Systems.

The upcoming EuroMaTech Training and Development course Office Management and Effective Administration Skills running in Dubai creates a wonderful opportunity for office personnel and administrative staff to learn about all these exciting opportunities and to develop their personal competencies, ensuring their confidence to engage fully in the workplace and achieve significant performance improvements.

This exciting Training and Development course also covers essential topics such as:

  • Delivering a first-class service to internal and external customers
  • Team working
  • Attending, organising and managing meetings
  • Managing Working Relationships and Supervising Staff
  • Dealing with Conflicting Priorities
  • Routine Tasks that need People, Processes, Procedures, Technology,
  • Work Simplification and Automation

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