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Are you doing enough to avoid an industrial disaster?

Are you doing enough to avoid an industrial disaster?

Those working in the field of process safety attending a course from training leaders EuroMaTech in Dubai this week learn how to understand the risks facing their organization and, more importantly, how to prevent disasters and how to mitigate failures.

Advanced Risk Assessment and Risk Management looks at how events arise from the way a business is managed rather than from an individual failure. The course includes reference to the underlying issues and the safety culture of businesses and how these affect the safety of operations. Some industrial disasters have been years in the making, while others are avoidable if we look and act now.

We will ask questions such as:

  • Why do things go wrong?
  • Why do operatives deviate from work instructions?
  • Why do people make mistakes?
  • What can we do about it?

Among the topics on offer are:

  • A refreshing look at the vital subject of Risk Assessment methodology
  • Discussions on the concept of Layer of Protection
  • Introducing Bow Tie Diagrams as a means of representing Risk Assessments and managing Control Measure
  • Investigating the causes of accidents and incidents
  • Understanding the human failures (leading to accidents) at all levels in organization
  • Discussing the importance of the Safety Culture of an organization

Together they provide a powerful toolkit to keep our workplace intact, injury free, and with a healthy and engaged workforce.

The course includes a series of case studies and syndicate exercises that help the delegates to derive their own answers, ones that will stay with them when they leave the course

We invite you to take a look at the EuroMaTech website to view the dates of this and other courses being run in exciting venues.

Do you wish to join in the next session of the Advanced Process Risk Assessment & Risk Management training course? Explore here.

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