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A New ERA of Development

Answers to your questions will be provided when you attend the Brand New Course on e-Procurement Developing, Implementing & Managing in Dubai on the third week of February 2020.

E-Procurement professionals attending this new course from training proven and trusted consultants of EuroMatech in Dubai on this upcoming third week of February, will learn how the e-Procurement  Developing, Implementing & Managing the Complete Process will change the logistic business forever.

E-Procurement will stress on the changes in the process as a whole from the steps in developing an e-procurement system, The capabilities of e-procurement, Components of an e-procurement system, developing an e-procurement internal customer ordering and approvals system developing an e-quotation preparations system, developing an e-quotation evaluation system and developing an e-purchase order system along with developing an e-tendering system.

Among the topics on offer are:

  • What is e-procurement
  • Pre-requisites for developing an e-procurement System
  • Steps in developing an e-procurement System
  • The capabilities of e-procurement
  • Components of an e-procurement System
  • Developing an e-procurement internal customer ordering and approvals system
  • Developing an e-quotation preparations System
  • Developing an e-quotation evaluation System
  • Developing an e-purchase order System
  • Developing an e-tendering System
  • E-Procurement Business Models
  • E-procurement Workflows
  • E-procurement Processes
  • E-procurement Hardware and Software
  • E-procurement User Administration
  • E-procurement Security
  • Integrating E-procurement Systems into the Business Process
  • Contracts and Electronic Signatures
  • Contract formation and E-trading

All these topics plus more actual case studies and short educational videos will change your organization and will provide a powerful toolkit to integrate a unique support to flow of procurement.

Appropriately, the course finishes with a proven method that accurately measures the Return on Investment (ROI) of E-procurement application your  organizations.

We invite you to take a look at the EuroMaTech website to view the dates of this and other courses being run in exciting venues.

Do you wish to join in the next session of the e-Procurement training course? Explore here.

Schedule this training course for your team elsewhere? Contact our team and we are happy to assist you in our 24/7 hotline: +971 4 457 1800

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