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Choose your maintenance tactics and intervals wisely

  • Date: 02 May 2021
  • Duration: 1 Hour
  • Time: 01:00 PM Asia/Dubai [GMT +4]

This free webinar covers one of the many aspects of maintenance covered in our “Excellence in Maintenance and Reliability Management: Preventive and Predictive Maintenance and Machinery Failure Analysis”.


Selecting the correct maintenance tactic for your physical assets has become more and more important as organisations strive to improve operating efficiencies and drive down costs in the face of a drop in market demand for most products. It is likely that our current maintenance programs may need to be reviewed and adapted to better support the demands being put on our assets and support resources. A small investment in time to review existing maintenance programs could go provide a worthwhile return by eliminating unnecessary maintenance activities, extending maintenance intervals and thereby reducing downtime, labour and material costs.

This EuroMatech webinar will:

  • Introduce the three classes of failure management tactics
    • Once-off changes
    • Programmed maintenance
    • Repair after failure
  • Define the feasibility of each of three types of programmed maintenance
    • Preventive - Fixed time interval
    • Predictive – Condition-based
    • Detective – Function testing and failure finding
  • Demonstrate the calculation of intervals for each type of programmed maintenance