Seminar Lists

December 2017

Reference Title Dates Venue Fees
HS 113 OSHA – Occupational Safety and Health Administration Standards 03 - 07 Dec 2017 Muscat US$ 4500
MG 309 Leading With Emotional Excellence 27 - 28 Dec 2017 Muscat US$ 2400

November 2018

Reference Title Dates Venue Fees
ME 115 Valves, Actuators and Steam Traps: Sizing, Selection, Operation & Maintenance 04 - 08 Nov 2018 Muscat US$ 4750

Quality Certifications & Accreditations

EuroMaTech is recognised and accredited by some of the worlds top accreditation bodies:

EuroMatech iso-29990 certified
EuroMaTech Marine
Euromatech Corporate GST Partner
American welding society
EuroMaTech KHDA statement
Euromatech nebosh courses
euromatech six sigma courses
euromatech hrci-accredited courses
Euromatech PMI endorsed courses
Euromatech SMRP approved courses
Euromatech UNGC
Euromatech IIBA
Euromatech EAPA
Euromatech CPE Sponsored
Euromatech ILM Approved Courses
Euronatech BCI Courses
Euromatech ISO 9001 certified

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