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Accounting & Finance for Non-Financial Professionals   Sources, Uses & Management
Accounts Payable: Planning, Organising and Achieving Best Practice  
Accounts Receivable: Planning, Organising and Achieving Best Practice  
Advanced Applied Data Analysis   Using Data Analysis to Improve Business & Investment Decisions
Advanced Budgeting and Forecasting  
Advanced Business Writing Skills  
Advanced Commercial Analysis   Aligning Corporate Strategy and Business Performance
Advanced Communication Skills  
Advanced Contracts Management  
Advanced Documents and Records Management Compliance  
Advanced Human Resource Management  
Advanced International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS)  
Advanced Leadership   Sharpening the Leadership Philosophy of Emerging Leaders
Advanced Management   Achieving Superior Performance and Strategic Success
Advanced Presentation Skills  
Advanced Process Risk Assessment and Risk Management  
Advanced Project Management  
Advanced Purchasing Management  
Advanced Risk and Incident Analysis   Risk Management, Incident Investigation and Root Cause Analysis
Advanced Warehouse Management, Warehousing Performance Measures, Storage Control & Safety  
Artificial Intelligence (AI) Transforming Business with New Technologies  
Audit Sampling: From Engagement Planning to Execution  
Auditing in the Oil & Gas Industry  
Auditing of Projects and Contractors: Terminology, Concept and Applications  
Best Practices in Communication and Relational Skills  
Best Practices in Executive Management  
Boilers: Operation, Maintenance, Inspection, Control and Troubleshooting  
Budgeting and Cost Control  
Budgeting, Planning and Management Reporting  
Building a Customer-Centric Service Culture   The Key to Driving Superior Performance
Building Collaborative Business Models for Innovation and Competitiveness  
Business Analysis for Project Success   Enhance Essential Knowledge, Ideas and Methodologies
Call & Contact Centre Workshop   Practical Skills to Enhance Customer Satisfaction
CCPS Risk-Based Process Safety (RBPS)   The Next Generation PSM Framework
Certified Employee Assistance Professional (CEAP®) Exam Preparatory Course  
Chiller Design, Installation, Maintenance & Troubleshooting  
Combating Risk & Fraud in Procurement  
Communication and Planning Skills for Administrative Professionals  
Competency Development and Managerial Excellence for Maintenance Supervisors  
Competency Development and Managerial Excellence for Operation and Production Supervisors  
Construction and Civil Engineering Fundamentals for Non-Civil Engineers  
Contract Cost and Price Analysis  
Contract Management for Non-Contract Professionals  
Contract Planning, Strategy and Claims Management   (Contracts Management Professional)
Contracts Administration: From Award to Completion  
Contracts Management Professional   (Contract Planning, Strategy and Claims Management)
Contracts Management: Procurement, Tendering and Partnering  
Contractual Risk, Insurance and Indemnities  
Cooling Towers: Operation, Maintenance and Troubleshooting  
Cost Analysis to Support Strategic Decisions  
Creativity, Critical Thinking and Problem Solving  
Credit Policies Management: Protect the Investment in Debtors  
Customer Service Excellence   Tools & Techniques for Customer Retention
Cyber Security, Information Governance, Legal Risk Management and Compliance with ISO Records Management Controls  
Data Analysis Fundamentals   Analysing Financial Data for Personal & Organisational Benefit
Data Privacy: Protecting the Data in the Connected World  
Decision Making in Projects (Engineering)   Initiation, Planning, Monitoring & Control
Designing Solutions to Complex Business Problems   How to apply System Dynamics, Design Thinking, Lean and Agile Techniques
Developing a Business Analysis Work Plan  
Developing and Implementing a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Framework   Taking a Sustainable Approach to Business Planning and Operations
Developing Transformational Leadership   The Five Competencies of Leadership
Digital Business Leadership   Mastering Social Media Activities and Leading Digital Transformation
Digital Healthcare: Technology, Innovation & Change  
Dissolved Gas Analysis (DGA) of Transformers and Oil-Filled Cables  
Document Control Specialist   (Documents and Records Management Compliance)
Documents and Records Management Compliance   (Document Control Specialist)
e-HR: Latest Trends and Applications  
E-Library Management Techniques  
e-Procurement : Developing, Implementing and Managing the Complete Process  
Effective Business Risk Management Strategies using ISO 31000 Framework  
Effective Expediting   Monitoring, Controlling and Improving Timely Supplier Deliveries
Effective Supply Chain, Warehouse and Inventory Management  
Electric Submersible Pumps (ESPs)   Selection, Installation, Operation and Maintenance
Electrical and Instrumentation Design, Installation and Operation   A Practical Approach
Electrical Engineering Advanced Workshop  
Electrical Motor Installation and Protection   In Hazardous and Non-Hazardous Environments
Emotional Intelligence: EQ for Innovative Leadership and Corporate Teamwork  
Engineering Electronic Document Management Systems (EDMS)  
Enhancing Job Performance: Skills for Achieving Personal and Organisational Goals  
Enhancing the Skills of Training Coordinators and Administrators  
Events & Conferences Management   Principles & Best Practices
Excellence in Health Care Management  
Excellence in Maintenance and Reliability Management   Preventive and Predictive Maintenance and Machinery Failure Analysis
Financial Analysis: Evaluation, Budgeting and Decision Making  
Financial Management for Projects and Contracts  
Fitness for Service Assessment of Pressure Vessels, Tanks and Piping Systems Using API 579-1 and ASME FFS Standards  
Flares and Relief Systems: Efficient Design, Safe Operation & Maintenance  
Fraud and Corruption in the Workplace  
Fundamentals of Renewable Energy   Types, Merits and Operations
Gas Processing  
Health, Safety & Environment in Engineering Projects  
Healthcare Operations: Cost Control & Productivity Management  
HRM Skills for Today’s Leaders and Professionals  
Improving Productivity through Quality Enhancement & Cost Reduction  
Industrial Instrumentation and Modern Control Systems  
Integrated Reservoir Analysis   Concepts, Methodology & Importance
Internal Controls:Monitoring, Evaluation and Risk-Based Auditing  
International Standards in Auditing (ISA) and Practical Application in the Audit Process  
Introduction to the Oil & Gas Industry  
Layers of Protection Analysis (LOPA)  
Leadership and Management Skills for Supervisors  
Leadership and Management Skills for New Manager and Supervisor  
Leadership and Team Development for Managerial Success  
Leadership Development for Engineers   Motivating, Coaching and Conflict Management for Superior Performance
Leadership Skills in Lean Times   Leading with Emotional Intelligence
Leading & Managing Vendor Relations  
Logistics and Transport Management  
LV, MV and HV Circuit Breakers   Selection, Application, Operation and Maintenance
Maintenance Auditing and Continuous Improvement   (Maintenance Auditing Specialist)
Maintenance Auditing Specialist   (Maintenance Auditing and Continuous Improvement)
Maintenance Management   Developing and Enhancing Maintenance Strategies
Maintenance Management Professional   (Maintenance Planning, Scheduling and Work Control)
Maintenance Planning, Scheduling and Work Control   (Maintenance Management Professional)
Management of Contracts and Contract Claims  
Managing a High-Performing Sales Team  
Managing and Leading Strategic Communication   Public Relations, Marketing and Internal Communication
Managing People & Strategy   Aligning Team Goals with Corporate Strategy
Managing Projects with MS Project 2016  
Managing Shutdowns, Turnarounds and Outages  
Managing Stress & Work-Life Balance   Balancing Roles, Responsibilities, Relationships and Resources without Stress
Managing the Cash Cycle   Accounts Receivable and Payable Best Practices
Maritime Business Management  
Marketing Communications and Brand Management  
Mastering Business Etiquette & Protocol   Advanced Skills for Gaining Social, Business & International Exposure
Mastering Communication, Negotiation and Presentation Skills  
Mastering Finance and Accounting  
Material Cataloguing, Specifications and Storage Planning  
Modern Chemical Laboratory   Analytical Instrumentation, Equipment Calibration, Operations, Quality & Safety
Modern Valve Technology  
NEBOSH HSE Certificate in Process Safety Management  
NEBOSH International General Certificate in Occupational Health and Safety  
Office Management and Effective Administration Skills   (Office Management Professional)
Office Management Professional   (Office Management and Effective Administration Skills)
Offshore Structure Design, Construction, Inspection, Maintenance and Repair  
Oil & Gas Operational Safety  
Oil & Gas Technical Competence for Non-Technical Professionals  
Oil Movement, Storage and Troubleshooting   Management and Operation of Oil & Gas Terminals
Oracle Primavera P6 Rel. 8.0 Fundamentals  
Organisation and Relationship Systems in the Workplace   Exploring the Changing Nature of Teams, Organisations and People
Organisational Structure & Work Ethics Behaviour  
Organising and Behavioural Skills for Administrative Professionals / Executive Secretaries / PAs  
OSHA – Occupational Safety and Health Administration Standards  
Payroll Management and Effective Payroll Controls  
Petroleum Engineering for Non-Specialists  
Portfolio Management and Corporate Finance Principles  
Power and Distribution Transformers   Testing, Analysis and Troubleshooting
Pre-Startup Audit: Evaluating, Determining and Implementing Effective Risk Control Measures  
Principles, Applications and Performance of Pumps, Compressors and Turbines  
Process Engineering for Non-process Engineering Professionals  
Process Plant Start-up and Commissioning  
Process Plant Start-up, Commissioning and Troubleshooting  
Process Troubleshooting and Problem Solving   A Critical Aspect of World Class Operations
Project Management for Contract Professionals   Using Project Management Tools to Enhance Contract Outcomes
Project Management and Compliance   Planning, Scheduling and Control
Project Management for Non Project Professionals  
Project Management Professional   (The 10-day Project Professional MBA)
Protective Control Relay Systems and Automation   From Basic Principles to the Complex Applications
Public Relations and Corporate Communications   (Public Relations Professional)
Public Relations Professional   (Public Relations and Corporate Communications)
Quality Assurance and Quality Control using ISO 9001:2015 as a Framework   Making the Transition for Improving Quality Assurance and Control
Recruitment, Selection and Retention:Creating a Highly Competent Motivated Workforce  
Reservoir Simulation Fundamentalsfor Non-Specialists  
Review of Financial Accounting and Detecting Fraud  
Risk Assessment within Production Operations  
Safety Compliance and Site Inspection  
SharePoint Implementation Best Practices   From Design to Integration
Ship Chartering, Laytime & Demurrage Masterclass   Resolution of Commercial & Legal Complexities
SIMOPS: Simultaneous Operations System for the Oil & Gas Industry  
Stakeholders Management:Achieving Consensus for Successful Project Execution  
Strategic Marketing: Planning, Development & Implementation  
Strategy Analysis: Powerful Tools to Ensure Strategy Focus and Alignment to Drive Success  
Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) and Operational Excellence   Obtaining Superior Performance through Collaboration
Talent Retention Through Remuneration and Training   Managing Pay Scales, Promotions and Provision of Training
Task Risk Assessment: Modern Proactive Approach to Incident Prevention  
Team Work & Team Building   Effective WorkCulture and People Development
Technical Report Writing in the Maritime & Offshore Industry  
The 10-day Advanced Contracts and Project Management  
The 10-day Advanced Contracts and Purchasing Management  
The 10-day Advanced Management & Leadership Programme   Developing an Empowered Workforce with Self-Leadership
The 10-day Competency Development & Managerial Excellence for Plant Supervisors  
The 10-day Contract & Project Management Skills for Non-Professionals  
The 10-day Finance and Accounting MBA  
The 10-Day HR Management MBA  
The 10-day Project Professional MBA   (Project Management Professional)
The 3 Phases of Contract Management   Tendering, Execution and Evaluation
The Art of Strategic Management and Leadership  
The Effective Accountant  
The Effective Accounts Assistant  
The Effective Financial Controller   Managing Financial Functions and Improvement Opportunities
The Effective Human Resources Administrator  
The Effective Strategic Manager  
The GCC VAT Framework: Compliance, Implementation & Management  
The Office Professional and Records Management Masterclass  
The Power of Positive Thinking, Psychology and Attitude  
The Practical Leader   Developing and Leading High Performing Teams
The Strategic People Manager – ILM Endorsed   المدير الاستراتيجي للافراد
The Successful Female Leader   Success, Engagement & Leadership Growth of Female Workforce
Time Management and Personal Effectiveness  
Training Material and eLearning Design and Development  
Transforming Patient Experience: Delivering Care that meets Patient Needs & Preferences  
Treasury and Cash Management  
Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)   Types, Construction, Applications & Maintenance
Valves, Actuators and Steam Traps   Sizing, Selection, Operation & Maintenance
Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs)  
Vehicle Fleet Development & Management  
Working Effectively in Project Teams  
Working Safely  
Writing Effective Legal Documents and Commercial Contracts - A Practical Workshop  

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