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Our Delegates Says It Best

At EuroMaTech, we take pride in the knowledge that we have a large base of satisfied clients. Our Testimonials speaks for itself! 

We ensure that you maximise your return on investment in personal development through the most appropriate methods of training and development, scheduled at venues around the world, at a time that suits your needs. EuroMaTech puts knowledge to work through an unrivalled network of consultants from all over the world.

EuroMaTech leads the way in providing practical and informative training on a wide range of business, commercial and professional topics. We conduct training’s in areas such as; Management and Leadership, Oil and Gas, Finance and Accounting, HR, IT, Project Management, Contract Management plus many more. These are held in many different popular locations around the world. Please review our full schedule of Training Seminars for further details. 

"Today's class work are more interesting because of diversity of opinions which led to interesting and educative discussions. I also like the extra information, like the stress assessment. Thank you EuroMaTech." 

James Adekunle Fadairo / Nigeria Petroleum Development Company OML 26

Health, Safety & Environment in Engineering Projects
09 - 13 February 2020 / Dubai, U.A.E.

"Everything was perfect. The course was filled of good knowledge and clear concept regarding engineering field. "

Sulaiman AlSafran / Gulf Cable and Electrical Industry

Principles, Applications and Performance of Pumps, Compressors & Turbines
02 - 06 February 2020 / Dubai, U.A.E

"Well prepared course. Covers everything about flare systems that are useful to our work"

Dherar Jamal Hasan Alfadhalah

Flares and Relief Systems: Efficient Design, Safe Operation & Maintenance
26 - 30 January 2020 / Dubai, U.A.E

" This course has opened me up to another dimension and skills required for proper data analysis. "

Ikenna Mbam / Nigerian Communications Commission

Artificial Intelligence: Transforming Business with New Technologies
22 - 26 December 2019 / Dubai, U.A.E

" The advantage of the course was that it covered what I needed for my work and it increased my knowledge regarding inventory. "

Salem Abdullah Salem Botalaf / Kuwait National Petroleum Company

Material Cataloguing, Specifications & Storage Planning
22 - 26 December 2019 / Dubai, U.A.E

" This course helps to broaden my knowledge in wider pictures of Oil and Gas business, the sample and exercises given was interesting and practical. "

Saranya Ratanakoses /Malaysia - Thailand Joint Authority

Upstream Petroleum Cost Trends and Benchmarking
16 - 20 December 2019 / Zurich, Switzerland

" Very related to my job, I gained a lot of information that I can use in my current job. "

Sulaiman Moh'D Abdulmohsen Almulaifi / Kuwait National Petroleum Company

Contract Planning, Strategy & Claims Management
15 - 19 December 2019 / Dubai, U.A.E

" The course is excellent, and it covers many aspects of our work. The trainer has wonderfully delivered the course. "

Ahmed Amer Sulaiman Al Abri / Oman Oil Marketing S.A.O.G

Marketing Communications & Brand Management
15 - 19 December 2019 / Muscat, Oman

" Good refresher course and I learned a lot about the business strategy. "

Esraa Al Fallah / Kuwait Fund

Strategic Financial Planning & Implementation
02 - 06 December 2019 / London, United Kingdom

" Very useful for my present work. This training is a very good course. "

Saleh Salem Mohammad Almarri / Kuwait National Petroleum Company (KNPC)

Cooling Towers: Operation, Maintenance & Troubleshooting
24 - 28 November 2019 / Dubai, U.A.E

" This training had a very relevant discussion and examples related to the work I do. "

Christopher Ocuwun / Total E & P Uganda

Public Relations & Corporate Communications
17 - 21 November 2019 / Dubai, U.A.E

" Very dynamic course with a very creative speaker who kept all of us hooked to class. "

Salem Hassan Khalifah / Arab Satellite Communications Organizations (ARABSAT)

Treasury and Cash Management
17 - 21 November 2019 / Dubai

The training course is very advantageous for non-project / non-contract managers.

Akitunde Subair / Lagos State Public Procurement Agency

Contracts Administration: From Award to Completion
05 - 09 May 2019 / Dubai, U.A.E

" Very good course. It exposes you to very good tools in excel that will be helpful in the workplace. "

Ayuba Lamiri / NNPC - NAPIMS

Advanced Applied Data Analysis: Using Data Analysis to Improve Business & Investment Decisions
23 - 27 June 2019 / Dubai, U.A.E

" The course will help in critical thinking and analysis of data in the organization. "

Hamza Nasiru Khalid / NNPC - NAPIMS

Advanced Applied Data Analysis: Using Data Analysis to Improve Business & Investment Decisions
23 - 27 June 2019 / Dubai

The training was informative & interactive, gave a clearer understanding of the subject matter.

Walter Bosah (Nigerian Communications Commission)

Data Privacy: Protecting the Data in the Connected World
14 - 18 July 2019 / Dubai, U.A.E

Broadened my knowledge on specific topics relating to Oil & Gas.

Eng. Daniel Mackenzie Ncube (National Oil Infrastructure Company of Zimbabwe)

Understanding Success Factors in the Oil & Gas Industry
29 July - 02 August 2019 / Geneva Switzerland

I learned a lot within this one week. It will prepare me towards being a better Manager.

Okoro, Ekiyokaye Brenda (NNPC)

Tha Art of Strategic Management
29 July - 02 August 2019 / Orlando, U.S.A

I'm happy with the seminar content which is ready and that will help in my work a lot.

Adel S. Al Sarhan (SABIC)

Managing Strategic Alliances & Partnerships
29 July - 02 August 2019 / Copenhagen, Denmark

This training provided excellent information with tons of practical engagement to remember; Enabled me to remember previous experience and turn it on.


Strategic Thinking and Leadership for Engineers
19 – 23 August 2019 / Singapore

This training course helps me to improve my skills, to lead the team  and to achieve objectives of organizing.

Abdul Rauf / Fauji Fertilizer Company Limited

Strategic Thinking and Leadership for Engineers
19 – 23 August 2019 / Singapore

The course is very useful, knowledgeable and helpful. Keep up the good work.

Mohamad Abakr Ahmad / United Nations Assistance Mission for Iraq

Communication & Planning Skills for Administrative Professionals
08 – 12 September 2019 / Dubai

It will help me to plan and execute a project or any assignment, It has boosted my knowledge for Risk Management to this training course.

Angela Onyia Chizoba / Nigerian Communications Commission

Advanced Project Management
15 - 19 September 2019 / Dubai

Upon completion of this course, all learning's will be applied in real life. The knowledge deficiency will be bridged to a total learning.

Stephen Tokoni Ogriba / Chevron Nigeria Limited

Financial Analysis: Evaluation, Budgeting & Decision Making
22 - 26 September 2019 / Dubai

The learning exercise made us aware and involved us with methods of engineering process in our facility. Overall, delivery was excellent.

Linus Ancelin Pokam Taffou / Corlido Project Supply B.V

Boilers: Operation, Maintenance, Inspection, Control and Troubleshooting
29 September - 03 October 2019 / Dubai

Everything was great. It gave me the knowledge needed for storage facilities and the basic ground of it. I Recommended this course.

Ahmad Issa Mohammad Alown / Kuwait National Petroleum Company

Oil Movement, Storage & Troubleshooting: Management and Operation of Oil & Gas Terminals
13 - 17 October 2019 / Dubai

That was as a massive experience, as it has affected our knowledge more than we expected. EuroMaTech is really commendable.

Ainoko Mark Idachaba / Amni International Petroleum Development OML 52 Co. Limited

Leadership Development for Engineers: Motivating, Coaching & Conflict Management for Superior Performance
27 - 31 October 2019 / Dubai

A very good interactive session. It allowed us to share ideas and experiences. Good Leadership Strategy. 

Emecheta, Gideon Uzoma / Chevron Nigeria Limited

Leadership & Team Development for Managerial Success
03 - 07 November / Dubai

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