Paul Greaves

Paul Greaves is a Senior Associate Consultant with EuroMaTech specialising in Fraud, Corruption, Money Laundering, all forms of Financial Investigation, the Risk Management connected to these areas in business, Interviewing and the Compliance issues needed at all levels in business.

Paul was a Police Officer for 25 years working predominantly as a Detective and for the last 10 years, proactively investigated in the financial arena, looking at Serious Crime and the methods in which Money Laundering is used to clean the money acquired from those activities, to great effect.

Having attended the Terrorist Finance course at Scotland Yard, he broadened his experience into this arena.

His knowledge and experience has led him, not only to being used to train fellow Police Officers at all levels, but also to train the local Crown Prosecution Lawyers in the procedures and pitfalls surrounding the Proceeds of Crime Act in the UK.

On realising the close roles that both Financial Investigation and Compliance functions in business play with each other, Paul furthered his studies and knowledge to obtain nationally recognised Compliance qualifications and can therefore assist in the crossover between both areas that is often experienced within companies and government bodies alike.

That further knowledge led him to speak to and advise members of the ICAEW (Chartered Accountants) on the compliance issues that they face within the Proceeds of Crime Act and the reporting of ‘suspicious activities’ regarding money laundering.

His knowledge and experience has led him to leading financial investigations in the UK that took him to Jamaica, the USA and South Africa, enabling him to deal with the different law enforcement and government agencies there and working within their different cultures.

Inevitably, over the past years, speaking with people from differing business areas and speaking about the challenges that financial crime and compliance brings to all areas of business, Paul has broadened his knowledge into business practices and can speak and help on topics such as Change Management, Project Management and Business Ethics, which are all connected in their own way to the Financial Crime and Corruption arenas in which he specialises.