Dr Julian Jones

Dr. Julian Jones is a Senior Associate Consultant with EuroMaTech, specialising in financial strategy and best practice in the finance and accounting function.

He is an academic and has published widely on issues relating to virtual firms; their structure risks and opportunities and has publications in Accounting Organizations & Society (2007, Vol.32); Global Outsourcing, Management Accounting Research (2006, Vol.17) and the European Management Journal, (2003, Vol.21).

He holds Undergraduate and Master’s degrees from The University of Wales. He then started his academic career at Manchester Business School, The University of Manchester, completing his Ph.D in Financial Strategy and taking a Faculty role in Management Accounting.

He then accepted a role in practice, advising and headlining for the Corporate Executive Board, an advisory company to Chief Financial Officers (CFOs) of +$1bn organizations, based in London and Washington DC.

In this high profile role, Julian managed a research team, created, presented and facilitated conversations at high-quality executive forums across Europe and South Africa, and personally advised over 400 CFOs. Topics ranged from cost discipline, budgeting & planning, finance transformation, capital discipline, strategic planning, team development and drafting out blueprints for the future of the finance function.

He now blends academic and practitioner roles, tutoring MBA, fast-track MBA students and Executives across the Globe, from locations including Manchester, Miami, and Dubai to Zambia. He regularly advises Nigerian Public sector executives on how to make the transition from cash to accruals based accounting, and hosts master classes across the globe to potential MBA students.

His research interests include writing teaching-based case studies on implementing Activity Based Costing and Activity Based Management in services industries; the process of reconstructing balanced scorecards to handle firm-specific idiosyncrasies and implementing e-learning tools in the accounting teaching environment to further enhance the student experience.