An Intensive 5-Day Online Training Course

Workplace Diversity and Talent Management

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24 - 28 Apr 2022

Live / Online

US $ 2,400


24 - 28 Jul 2022

Live / Online

US $ 2,400



Effective management of diversity can lead to improved talent management, as it is easier to attract and retain talent to benefit businesses. This can solve long-term problems within a business because a diverse workforce thinks differently, ensuring that problems are more likely to be recognised and addressed.

Participants will develop the following competencies:

  • Develop skills and learn approaches needed to shape an organization-wide diversity and talent management strategy
  • Develop leadership skills in order to take ownership of and be role model for an organization-wide diversity and talent management strategy
  • Help your team find creative solutions to workplace diversity and talent management

This Workplace Diversity and Talent Management online training course aims to enable participants to achieve the following objectives:

  • Understand the importance of talent management for organisations
  • Identify global emerging challenges and trends in talent management
  • Compare and contrast different countries and their TM practices and challenges
  • Explain the drivers for diversity management – The Case for Equality and Diversity
  • Identify equality and diversity legislation
  • Understand the relevance of leadership for diversity management
  • Understand your role and leadership skills needed in implementing diversity
  • Understand what and how to monitor
  • Extend their understanding of diversity management and the importance of diversity management for successful talent management
  • HR professionals, practitioners and personnel
  • Manpower development department personnel
  • Senior Managers who want to see the value that diversity and talent management can add to an organization
  • Those who need to develop adequate strategic support in tackling diversity and talent management in their organization
  • Anyone who needs to understand talent management and diversity management processes to successfully support the organization

Workplace Diversity and Talent Management is a highly interactive online training course that gives everybody an opportunity to exchange views and learn from each other’s experiences. Taking into account the individuals’ learning styles and experience, this EuroMaTech training course comprises discussions, analysis by the participants, case studies, self-assessment instruments and video films with timely inputs from the Instructor.

A number of methodologies, assessment of theories and up-to-date research will be shared. The aim is to produce pragmatic outcomes at all times, to allow transference back to the individuals workplace – accordingly, participants will be encouraged to form into small groups to look at specific topics in depth as the training develops.

Delegates will experience a relaxed, friendly and supportive environment – evidence suggests that delegates learn best and remember more in such environments.


This Workplace Diversity and Talent Management online training course is designed to offer cutting-edge knowledge of current diversity and talent management challenges and practices. This knowledge is needed in order to design diversity and talent management agendas, which can address current and future talent shortages. Combining talent management with diversity management enables HR practitioners, Talent Management specialist and line Managers to create an inclusive organisation, making attracting and retaining talent easier, which will benefit their businesses.

Day 1 : Introduction to Workplace Diversity and Talent Management
  • Introduction and objectives
  • How is workplace diversity relevant for talent management?
  • Brief introduction: The talent management concept
  • What is diversity? What is diversity management?
  • Drivers for diversity management using external recognition and image
  • Case study: How to assess your level of diversity and links to talent management
Day 2 : Workplace Diversity
  • Understanding unconscious bias that causes problems in diversity
  • Description of diversity management change processes
  • Steps toward diversity as a resource
  • Diversity management implementation principles
  • Diversity audit – a self-assessment tool for companies
  • Voluntary initiatives by companies
  • How to network on diversity management?
Day 3 : Leadership for Workplace Diversity
  • Workplace diversity: a leadership challenge?
  • Leadership skills required for workplace diversity
  • How to be a good leader in a diverse workplace
  • Appreciating and promoting Diversity
  • Your role as a leader for workplace diversity
Day 4 : How to Win the Ear for Talent?
  • Is Talent a Priority in your organisation?
  • Where did talent management come from?
  • Drivers for talent management?
  • Emerging trends in talent management
  • How to win the war for talent?
Day 5 : Highlights on Talent Management and How to Integrate Talent Management and Diversity
  • Identify equality and diversity legislation around the world
  • Understand the relevance of leadership for diversity management
  • Highlights on Talent Management
  • Recommendations for talent management
  • How to integrate talent management and diversity?
  • Action planning and programme review

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