An Intensive 3-Day Training Course

Working Safely

Date Venue Fees CPE Credits

28 - 30 Aug 2022


US $ 3,750



Staff competencies always go through a cycle. Without training, there is unconscious incompetence. With training, there is conscious competence. Unfortunately, over time bad habits and memory lapses brings about unconscious incompetence. Competency in safety is no different. Continual safety training is essential in order to improve safety performance.

This EuroMaTech Safety training course will motivate personnel to achieve higher safety performance standards because of the knowledge gained within the program. There will be a realisation that safety is not a number, but a value and the value have a direct effect on all personnel. The ultimate goal is that everyone returns home safely at the end of each working day – zero harm is the vision.


By the end of this EuroMaTech training course, participants will be able to:

  • Recognise their duties and responsibilities
  • Determine what is a hazard and how risks are controlled
  • Demonstrate how to react in case of emergencies
  • Explain why all Incidents should be investigated

This EuroMaTech training course is suitable for all personnel within the company. Not only would be especially useful for personnel in a competence initiative program but also for:

  • Health & Safety Committee Members
  • Safety Representatives
  • Supervisors
  • Maintenance Staff

This EuroMaTech training course is presented face to face with power point presentations. Quizzes and videos will keep the delegates active and fully involved, on the ball and never bored.


The Working Safely training course will cover the foundations and reason for working safely, including the methods for controlling risks – outlining the common hazards that are encountered every day. The importance of investigating incidents as well as emergency procedures will also be discussed.

Day 1: Introduction to Safety
  • What is Safety?
  • Why is safety important?
  • Who is responsible for safety?
  • Safety and the Law
  • The Safety Policy
  • Hazard and Risk
Day 2: Common Hazards and Controls
  • The control of hazards
  • The evaluation of Risk
  • Common Hazards
    • Noise, Vibration, Temperature, Manual Handling, Violence and Bullying, Work Equipment Hazards, Transport Hazards, Electricity, Slips and Trips, Work at Height, Chemical & Biological Hazards, Stress
Day: 3 Incident Investigation, Fire and Emergency procedures
  • Incident Investigation
    • Why investigate incidents
    • When to investigate incidents
  • Fire and fire spread
  • Fire classification
  • Emergency procedures
  • Program evaluation

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