An Intensive 5-Day Training Course

Understanding Success Factors in the Oil & Gas Industry

Date Venue Fees CPE Credits

15 - 19 Nov 2021


US $ 5,950


17 - 21 Apr 2022


US $ 4,950


25 - 29 Jul 2022


US $ 5,950


14 - 18 Nov 2022


US $ 5,950



Today’s multinational, International Oil Companies (IOC’s) and National Oil Companies (NOC’s), both upstream and downstream of the oil and gas supply chain, are facing many challenges from the current economic climate. The current volatility of crude oil and natural gas prices has resulted in companies to reinvent themselves and to abandon the traditional strategic planning exercises.

This highly participative EuroMaTech training course is designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of the issues facing the international oil & gas industries and to be equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge to effectively identify and tackle these issues. This Understanding Success Factors in the Oil & Gas Industry training course will provide the necessary skills and knowledge to prepare the attendees for more senior responsibilities within their organizations.

Delegates will gain the knowledge and business acumen in the following key areas:

  • A clear understanding of the oil and gas supply chain
  • Issues related to the global energy supply
  • Energy trading contracts and fiscal systems
  • The oil & gas industry’s future prospects for forward planning
  • Oil & Gas Sector strategic analysis
  • Gain a wide-ranging understanding of the petroleum industry and the companies that constitute this industry
  • Learn about the important issues facing our industry and strategies used to address them
  • Gain specific skills in strategic planning, setting goals, budgeting and finance
  • Understand the management and allocation of resources (money, time, people, tools and technology)
  • Develop an understanding of the derivatives markets and an awareness on hedging risk
  • Understand and compare international fiscal systems
  • Learn about the geopolitical issues surrounding global oil & gas supply and transportation
  • Business Development Professionals
  • Corporate Planning Professionals
  • Geoscience and Engineering Specialists
  • Refinery Professionals
  • Supply Planners and Scheduling Professionals
  • Contracting Consultants

The Understanding Success Factors in the Oil & Gas Industry training course will also be particularly beneficial to personnel in leadership roles seeking to improve their leadership presence and acquire skills on strategic planning in the Oil & Gas Industry.


The Understanding Success Factors in the Oil & Gas Industry training course will combine presentations with interactive practical exercises, supported by videos, activities and case studies. Delegates will be encouraged to participate actively to relate taught material and case studies with their own experiences from their respective industries.


The Understanding Success Factors in the Oil & Gas Industry training course provides a wider management perspective of global oil & gas business and highlights the success factors in each category of several business models. The training course considers how innovation in oil & gas industry is helping to drive economic growth and improve the company’s bottom line; how we can achieve these goals while delivering value to the stakeholders, etc. This EuroMaTech training course effectively deals with the core issues, tactics and essential concepts of successful management of the oil & gas business.

Day 1: Overview of the Oil & Gas Industry
  • Origins and formation of fossil fuels
  • Chemistry and characteristics of petroleum
  • Exploration for oil & gas
  • Oil & Gas production
  • Global oil supply and reserves
  • Reserves, estimation and evaluation
Day 2: The Supply Chain
  • The Oil and Gas Supply Chain
  • Logistics – Transportation and Storage
  • Adding Value – Refining
  • Refinery Petrochemical Integration
  • Natural Gas processing
  • Sales and marketing of Refined products and Natural Gas
Day 3: Energy Trading and Economics
  • Oil & Gas Economics
  • Energy Trading and Commodities
  • Crude Oil Production and Lifting Costs
  • Crude Oil Pricing Regimes and Strategies
  • Trading (I) – Real and liquid markets
  • Trading (II) – Derivatives, futures, options and swaps
Day 4: The Future of Fossil Fuels
  • The role of natural gas and its role in the low carbon future
  • Future prospects for the oil & gas industries
  • Peak Oil – trends and consequences
  • Financial and energy risk management
  • Risk management and hedging
  • Geopolitical risks and opportunities
Day 5: Strategic Analysis for the Oil & Gas Sector
  • IOC & NOC strategic interests and competitive advantage
  • Contracting strategies for the oil and gas industries
  • Strategic value analysis for competitive advantage
  • Strategic analysis for the oil & gas sector
  • Project appraisal from a strategic perspective

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