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An Intensive 5-Day Training Course

Strategy Analysis:
Powerful Tools to Ensure Strategy Focus
and Alignment to Drive Success

Ref Date Venue Fees CPE Credits Registration
MG306 03 - 07 Oct 2021 Dubai US$ 4,950 30

This EuroMaTech training course on Strategy Analysis provides a practical framework and powerful analytical tools to understand your organisation’s strategy.

Strategy defines the most effective way to apply the organisation’s capabilities to reach a desired set of goals and objectives. Strategies may exist for the entire enterprise, for a division, department or region, and for a product, service or project.

This EuroMaTech training course gives you a method and tools to identify your most significant strategic issues then concentrate all your policies, plans and actions on them. The results of using these tools are clear identification and definition of solutions to meet business needs and the justification of the investment necessary to deliver them.  In this training course, you will learn how to understand the current state of the organisation, to define the desired future state, develop a change strategy to achieve the desired outcomes and assess the risks inherent in the change strategy.


This EuroMaTech training course is designed for:

  • Strategic Business Analysts
  • Business Systems Analysts
  • Strategic Advisors
  • Business Experts
  • Executive Managers
  • Enterprise Architects
  • Project Leaders

  • Understand the principles of strategy analysis
  • Understand strategic positioning using the Business Motivation Model
  • Align potential solutions and project initiatives with strategic goals
  • Apply relevant enterprise architecture concepts
  • Identify and define business needs
  • Assess capability gaps
  • Move an initiative from inception to project charter
  • Identify strategic risks
  • Analyse solution feasibility
  • Define solution scope
  • Develop business cases


Current, proven analysis methods and techniques are explained through short, focused presentations which are followed by practical sessions to put the theory into practice. In these sessions, the knowledge gained is applied to real-world examples and case studies. Rapid learning of the methods and techniques is achieved by means of group work, case studies, exercises, participant discussion, facilitator interaction and constructive feedback.


This EuroMaTech Strategy Analysis training course provides a contextual framework to evaluate how certain or uncertain the range of possible outcomes is. When a change has a predictable outcome, a clear strategy can be planned. If the outcome of a change is less predictable, the strategy may need to take the form of a vision and focus on mitigating risk, testing assumptions, and being open to changing course. As a result, analysts taking this training course will feel confident in dealing with both predictable and unpredictable business environments.

Day 1: Introduction to Strategy Analysis 
  • Understand the purpose, power and value of strategy analysis
  • Understanding business strategy and the business model
  • Identifying business needs (problems and opportunities)
  • The role of organisational structure and culture
  • The strategy analysis process
Day 2: Analyse the Current State 
  • Organisation capabilities, processes, technology, infrastructure and policies
  • Analysing external influencers
  • Essential problem-solving techniques
  • Understanding Business Architecture
  • Analyse current state
Day 3: Future State Analysis
  • Business goals and objectives
  • Developing a solution scope
  • Identify constraints
  • Identify assumptions
  • Evaluate potential value
Day 4: Assess Risks
  • Dealing with unknowns
  • Constraints, assumptions and dependencies
  • Evaluate and quantify risk to calculate negative impact to value
  • Risk tolerance
  • Recommend courses of action
Day 5: Define Change Strategy 
  • Define solution scope
  • Conduct gap analysis
  • Assess organisational readiness
  • Develop change strategy
  • Transition states and release planning


IIBA® 25 Professional Development Hours for initial certification, or IIBA®25 Continuing Development Units for recertification

EuroMaTech, as an Endorsed Education Provider (EEPTM), is approved by IIBA® to offer Business Analysis training programmes in alignment with the BABOK® V3.0

VAT Announcement: The Government of UAE have introduced Value Added Tax (VAT) on goods and services from 01-January-2018. In compliance with the legislation issued by the UAE Government, we will be applying a 5% VAT on the fees for all our programs and services offered from January 2018 as applicable and stipulated in the FTA circulars.

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