CPE Credits
MG 306
07 - 11 Oct 2018
US$ 4,750
This EuroMaTech training course on Strategic Enterprise Analysis provides a practical framework to understand business strategy in order identify business needs, problem and opportunities. The application of the framework results in the identification and definition of solutions to meet business needs and the justification of the investment necessary to deliver such solutions.  In this programme you will learn how to work at the enterprise level to apply evaluation techniques to proposed projects. This methodical analysis provides information that is key to effective organizational planning and decision making. Participants will analyse a business initiative from inception through the project life cycle by applying the enterprise business analysis principles and other proven tools and methods.
  • This EuroMaTech training course is designed for Strategic Business Analysts, Strategic Advisors, Business Experts, Business Managers, Enterprise Architects and Project Leaders
  • Understand the role of the enterprise analyst
  • Understanding business strategy using the Business Motivation Model
  • Align potential solutions and project initiatives with strategic goals
  • Apply enterprise architecture concepts
  • Identifying and defining the business need
  • Analyse opportunities and threats
  • Assess capability gaps
  • Move an initiative from inception to project charter
  • Identify strategic risks
  • Analysing solution feasibility
  • Prioritising and ranking high-impact initiatives
  • Defining initial solution scope
  • Developing the business case

State-of-the-art business systems analysis methods and techniques are transferred by means of short, focused presentations which are followed by experiential learning workshop sessions. In these sessions the knowledge gained is applied to real-world examples and case studies. Rapid learning of the methods and techniques is achieved by means of group work, individual work, participant discussion, facilitator interaction and constructive feedback.

Day 1 - Introduction to Strategic Enterprise Analysis
  • Understand the role of the enterprise analyst
  • Understanding business strategy using the Business Motivation Model
  • Analysing external influencers
  • Defining strategic ends and means
  • Identifying opportunities, problems and threats
  • The strategic enterprise analysis process
Day 2 - Identifying Solutions
  • An introduction to solution identification
  • Essential problem solving techniques
  • The Enterprise Architecture Framework
  • Eliciting and defining business needs
  • Identifying and assessing capability gaps
Day 3 - Defining Solution Scope
  • Defining the solution vision statement
  • Developing an context model
  • Defining solution objectives
  • Identifying the solution stakeholders
  • Identifying adjacent systems
  • Identifying assumptions and constraints
  • Obtaining agreement on the solution vision and scope
Day 4 - Building a Business Case
  • Identifying and analysing three types of feasibility:
    • technical feasibility
    • economic feasibility
    • organisational feasibility
  • Preparing a cost-benefit analysis
  • Presenting the business case
  • Obtaining agreement on the business case
  • Making the investment decision
Day 5 - Selecting and Implementing Strategic Solution Projects
  • Solution ranking and prioritisation
  • Identify strategic project risks
  • Writing an implementation plan
  • Measuring and controlling solution success

Participants attending this training session are entitled to receive:


IIBA® 25 Professional Development Hours for initial certification, or IIBA®25 Continuing Development Units for recertification.

EuroMaTech, as an Endorsed Education Provider (EEPTM), is approved by IIBA® to offer Business Analysis training programmes in alignment with the BABOK® V3.0
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