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The quality of your results is based on the quality of your decisions. Your best decisions are built on a sharp and focused ability to analyse situations, people and probabilities. We live in a “results” world and this training seminar will build strong foundations of skills and knowledge you need to achieve phenomenal RESULTS!

This 2-day RESULTS training course will take participants on a journey of discovery of their strengths and areas for development. Participants will take away many practical steps to the issues that they face every day at work and be equipped to deal with tough decisions to achieve the RESULTS successfully in today’s fast-paced environment.

Participants attending the RESULTS training seminar will develop the following competencies:

  • Ability to use and wide range of problem solving tools, techniques
  • Trusted methods to make better decisions faster
  • Methodology to develop robust goals
  • Planning, organising and prioritising to achieve focus
  • Critical thinking skills to introduce lateral and vertical thinking processes
  • Risk analysis to reduce and overcome obstacles
Who Should Attend?

The RESULTS training seminar is suitable for a wide range of professionals but it will be particularly beneficial to:

  • Team Leaders & Senior staff
  • Project professionals and project team members
  • Employees whose work requires defined results within the organization  
Programme Objectives   

EuroMaTech’s RESULTS training course directs the sources toward your goals and objectives, focusing on outcome, overcome obstacles to achieve the following objectives:

  • Setting high performance standards for your own work
  • Stay focus and precise on your goals
  • Do your best to overcome obstacles
  • Regular review over the progress of the project
  • Use all support and help from others to ensure company objectives are met
Training Methodology  

The RESULTs training seminar will utilise a variety of proven adult learning techniques to ensure maximum understanding, comprehension and retention of the information presented. The training seminar uses tools and questionnaires to encourage delegates to learn about their own traits and responses to situations before encouraging them to apply new techniques to enhance their effectiveness. The training seminar is highly participative with interactive exercises throughout.  

Programme Summary

This unique EuroMaTech training course on RESULTS ensures participants will acquire and develop essential skills that will improve their competence while at the same time improving the overall processes that relate to delivering the right result to the organisation, at the right time with all supporting and traceable documentation. The seminar traces the RESULTS process through critical thinking, decision making, time management to deadline completion.

Day 1 - Defining the Problem and Fundamental Principles
  • Systematic Problem Definition
  • Identifying scope, goals and objectives
  • Evaluate and select high performance targets
  • Problem Solving
  • Developing project management skills
  • Risk analysis and dealing with obstacles
Day 2 - Achieving Successful Results
  • Identifying interpersonal work styles of self and others
  • Active Communication, Listening and Questioning
  • The Four Behaviours that get RESULTS
  • Understanding project flexibility and versatility
  • Achieving the four key components of a successful project
  • Developing key practices in project development
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