An Intensive 3-Day Online Training Course

Product Marketing & Management Skills Training

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21 - 23 Nov 2021

Live / Online

US $ 1,800


14 - 16 Aug 2022

Live / Online

US $ 1,800


20 - 22 Nov 2022

Live / Online

US $ 1,800



No one likes being ‘sold to’ but everyone likes to buy!   This workshop fuses proven selling techniques with the latest thinking in the science of persuasion and the psychology of buying to give delegates a powerful system and series of processes that have been proven to mark the difference between great salespeople and merely good ones. The workshop blends proven theory with case studies and ample first-hand practice to give attendees all they need to truly demonstrate compelling, lasting value in all their sales calls.

Programme Objectives

Participants attending this online programme will be able:

  • Fundamentals: Understand the principles of selling, the characteristics of high performance sales professionals, and how to control the sale with a structured sales process
  • Discovery: How to sell – not tell – by discovering the needs, wants and desires of customers and identify their trigger point
  • Matching: How to match appropriate solutions to the customer's needs, wants and d Demonstrate how to present benefits rather than features
  • Strategic Quoting: Understand the principles of strategic quoting and how to calculate the total cost of ownership applying a cost-benefit analysis
  • Transacting: How to overcome objections, increase the price and help customers complete their transaction
Training Methodology

There will be input by means of lectures together with videos and case studies to enhance learning. Discussions and group work will allow delegates to get fully involved and understand the practical implications of the learnings.

The online programme will use a range of learning styles, but the principal approach that will be taken is experiential learning. There will be the opportunity during the workshop to experiment and try out new skills and understanding, before finally deciding how to apply and integrate the learning into workplace activities.

Programme Outline
  • The essential selling steps, Opening, earning the right to proceed, uncovering problems, exploring consequences and exploring payoffs
  • Understand the principles of selling, the characteristics of high performance sales and marketing professionals. Why some sales people continuously outperform other
  • How to control the sale with a structured sales process. People do not buy without a reason.
  • Understanding the customer’s needs, wants and desires and presenting solutions directly to them
    • Telling isn’t selling. The use of open, closed and high-gain questions to uncover needs and explore consequences
  • Effective openings
  • Compelling closes
Day 2
  • Building on the processes and skills learnt in day one to explore situational and consultative selling techniques to build and offer solution
  • Exploring consequences and building payoffs
  • Enhancing the proposition and building compelling value statements.
  • Understanding value, what it is and how it moves.
  • Exploring value, quality and price. Understanding that whilst price is fixed, value moves and quality
  • Exists only within the mind of the customer.
  • Using price effectively to build both value and profit.
Day 3
  • To define customer expectations, both internally and externally
  • To identify the components of communication
  • To identify how to create and maintain rapport
  • Build on Your Listening Strengths
  • Appreciate the Power of Words
  • Avoid Creating Negative Impressions with Words
  • Use Persuasive Language Patterns
  • Understand the science of persuasion and influencing skills
  • Use Consultative selling skills, a model based on solid research based on numerous observations of leading salespeople
  • To develop insight and awareness of human behaviour
  • The philosophy, processes and skills of managing the customer relationship
  • To understand, calculate and fully appreciate the Lifetime Value of a Customer (LVC)

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