An Intensive 5-Day Training Course

Private: Project Scope and Requirements Management


Managing project scope, gathering requirements, and meeting customers’ expectations are a major part of a project manager’s work. Weaknesses and deficiencies in the scope definition process – including incomplete or poorly executed stakeholder analysis, and mishandled communication – can lead to unnecessary and costly changes, rework, and even project failure.

As a key part of the triple constraints, scope is often the most challenging constraint to manage. As a project progresses “scope creep” often occurs due to the lack of management of the constant changes. Customers’, project sponsor and other stakeholders’ needs are often in conflict. Learn how to achieve project success by mastering requirements definition and scope control.

Participants will develop the following competencies:

  • Project Initiation and the need to understand requirements from different stakeholders
  • Listening skills
  • Project scope management process to build quality into project plans
  • Stakeholder identification and analysis, with strategies for engaging different types of stakeholders, including those at conflict
  • Project planning and estimating, including resource and costs
  • Risk management
  • Methodologies to schedule solid, reliable, efficient and effective project plans
  • Managing execution and dealing with change control
  • The importance of project closure

This programme aims to enable participants to achieve the following objectives:

  • Determine how a project integrates with the overall operations of an organization
  • Determine the business needs that drive a project
  • Define the difference between project and product scope
  • Define the inputs, outputs, tools and techniques of the scope management processes
  • Identify and apply methodology to effectively define the scope of a project and determine macro risks
  • Create a Work Breakdown Structure to define scope Identify and apply appropriate quality requirements
  • Be able to properly verify the project scope
  • Understand the ways of dealing with changes to project scope
  • Understand how to control the project scope during the execution phase of the project 
  • Project team members, team leaders, business analysts, project managers, program managers, PMO managers, program or project directors, sponsors, and personnel functioning in the project environment
  • Professionals and leaders who wish to learn more about leadership in projects

The programme will combine presentations with interactive practical exercises, supported by video materials, activities and case studies. Delegates will be encouraged to participate actively in relating the principles of stress management to the particular needs of their workplace. 


This programme covers the essential skills for managing project scope, gathering requirements, and meeting customers’ expectations that are necessary for effective delivery of projects.

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