An Intensive 5-Day Training Course

Private: Project Governance:

A Results Oriented Approach

“… Governance is concerned with holding the balance between … goals … [and] the efficient … stewardship of resources.”

Sir Adrian Cadbury in ‘Global Corporate Governance Forum’, World Bank, 2000

“…alignment is a journey, not a destination…” ITGI Board Briefing 2nd Ed 2003

This program provides everything needed to implement or confirm the effectiveness of project governance. Governance has always been a crucial need of every organisation and is increasingly a duty imposed on individuals with personal consequences.

Wherever social or financial value is created through the use of other people’s assets then oversight that ensures value delivery without getting in the way is needed. This programme sets out the concepts and principles, the structure and framework, the processes, tools and techniques of all roles involved in pragmatic project governance. In this programme you will learn how to:

  • Create an effective governance structure for projects and programs of business change
  • Integrate project governance into corporate governance (and back-fill missing elements of corporate governance if necessary)
  • Build audit and reporting capability
  • Design and implement a ‘Gated’ review process to shepherd project investments from Idea to Benefits delivery
  • Assign roles and fully enable all those involved in project governance at all levels to perform their roles 

The Project Governance programme provides attendees with the knowledge to implement a complete project governance framework in organisation of any size or industry or jurisdiction. 

  • Professionals with portfolio program and project responsibilities
  • Everyone involved in project oversight, care and governance who wishes to enhance their career skills
  • Audit staff, Centre of Excellence staff and Project, Program and Portfolio office staff with oversight responsibilities
  • Project, Program and Portfolio board members such as sponsors seeking to understand their role in project success to avoid failure
  • Project and Program professional or leaders facing the need to extend their personal capabilities 

Participant’s discussion of their organisation’s needs is used to stimulate exploration of how to implement a reliable ‘fit-for-purpose’ project governance framework by combining best-of-bread solutions. In course exercises create practical job-aids and actions plans to take back to work. Explanation of and practice using tools and techniques provides examples of solution as well as lecture, videos and exercises. 


This programme presents a complete framework for project governance. It enables participants to evaluate their organisation’s current capability against a maturity model and evaluate arrangement’s suitability or take steps to correct omissions and increase capability. You will learn how to:

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