An Intensive 5-Day Training Course

Private: Advanced Reliability Centered Maintenance


Organisations that apply the RCM approach presented in this programme can develop failure management tactics that will improve the reliability of their physical assets, reduce maintenance costs and achieve higher levels of safety and environmental integrity over the life cycle of their systems.


After completing this programme, learners will better understand and be able to:

  • Define the elements of the risk and reliability management process
  • Choose systems for reliability and risk improvement
  • Assess the operating context of a system
  • Identify functions and appropriate performance stands
  • Anticipate the failed states and causes of system failure
  • Grade failures in terms of type, severity and probability for risk assessment
  • Select the most effective tactics to reduce risk and improve reliability
  • Apply a team-based approach to get buy-in from all stakeholders

Delegates are the team members that would participate in the development of a reliability programme and failure management tactics for the physical assets of the organisation.

  • Maintenance and reliability engineers and engineers in training
  • Procurement and contract engineers
  • Inspection engineers
  • Technical team leaders
  • Reliability analysts
  • Operations supervisors
  • Maintenance supervisors

Each topic is presented by means of interesting lectures, discussions followed by intensive practical application using real life case studies. This ensures that learners gain hands-on know-how so that they can participate meaningfully in RCM projects in the workplace.


The reputation of Reliability-centred maintenance has at times suffered due to a ignorance and misapplication. Since the inception of the SAE JA1011 standard and the SAE JA1012 guideline the path to successful application is no longer shrouded in mystery. This programme puts delegates on the correct path to avoid repeating the mistakes of others.

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