An Intensive 5-Day Training Course

Private: Advanced Contracts and Project Management

  • Format: Classroom
  • Duration: 5 days
  • Language: English
  • Accredited: ,



In today’s competitive business environment, Developers and Owners are constantly seeking to reduce risk, and minimize project cost and duration overruns. As a result, Contractors and Suppliers face the challenge of meeting these demands without increasing their own risk. Contracts are the basis by which almost all work on projects gets carried out. They are used to establish the rights and responsibilities of the parties, and to apportion the risks.

This highly intensive Advanced Contracts Management training course will look at a number of advanced concepts in Project Management and Contract Management that will better enable the participants to deal with the ever changing business environment that they must deal with. It will include tips, techniques and strategies to assist this process, including the establishment of a risk management strategy and a stakeholder management strategy for a project. 


  • Improved managerial approaches to both contract and project management
  • Ability to identify and mitigate risk factors and associated commercial and programme implications
  • Understand important contractual knowledge
  • Understand the application of different types of contractual agreements
  • Increase commercial awareness needed to enhance smooth running of contracts
  • Increase understanding of commercial liabilities resulting from schedule changes and variations
  • Ability to apply Advanced Scheduling techniques
  • Develop strategies for project execution
  • Control project execution effectively and efficiently
  • Help participants to begin immediate implementation of the steps needed to maximize value in the projects they deliver for their organization 
  • Professionals from all industries who have a desire to advance their skills in contracting and project management
  • The training course would be particularly suitable for those from project management teams, planning departments, process improvement teams, contracting teams, claims and business audit personnel, risk and/or contract strategists 

Recognizing that different people have different learning styles, this Advanced Contracts Management training course combines conventional lecture style with a high level of delegate participation; including case studies, group discussions, and exercises. Delegates are also encouraged to contribute their own experiences for discussion and debate. 


This hands-on EuroMaTech training course offers a stimulating learning experience.  It aims to expand participants’ knowledge of relevant processes and issues, develop hands-on skills for every stage of your projects, become aware of typical project and contract risks and learn to mitigate them.

Structured to offer a balance of strategic and operational considerations, Advanced Contract sand Project Management will provide you with the essential knowledge and skills required to effectively and efficiently deliver project and contract outcomes while minimising risk exposure. It will outline the tools, techniques and principles of a systematic approach to the project and contract management processes, facilitating methodical, efficient and consistent achievement of business objectives.

Participants will take away a comprehensive set of notes, including templates, tools and check-lists that they will be able to adapt for their business to assist in better managing projects and contracts.

The Advanced Contracts Management training course does not aim to provide a comprehensive coverage of the legal aspects of contracts. It will briefly address the basic concepts from Contract Law that every manager should be aware of and focus on the organisational processes and relationship management issues confronted by project and contract managers. 


Projects and Contracts

  • Projects
    • The nature and purpose of projects
    • What is project management?
    • The role of the project manager
  • Contracts
    • The purpose and nature of contracts
    • Key contract management principles
    • Typical issues connected with contract management

Risk Management

  • The Basic Foundations of Risk Management
    • Definition of risk and risk management
    • Types of risk
    • Threats and opportunities
    • Components of risk management process
  • Risk Management Planning
  • Risk Identification
  • Risk Analysis and Prioritization
    • Risk Qualification & Risk Quantification
    • Tools and techniques
    • Determining risk tolerances
  • Risk Response Planning
    • Risk response strategies for threats
    • Risk response strategies for opportunities
    • Contingency and prevention planning
  • Risk Response Control
    • Executing the risk strategies
    • Risk monitoring and communication

Stakeholder Analysis and Management

  • Identify and prioritizestakeholders
  • Stakeholder management planning
  • Understand key stakeholders
  • What do you need from each stakeholder (and What do they want)
  • Identify messages to convey
  • Identify actions and communications

Contract Tendering, Formation and Management

  • What are contracts and how are they created?
    • The need for contractual relationships
    • What is needed to create a valid contract?
  • Procurement planning
  • Procurement / contract management cycle:  before, during and after signing the dotted line
  • Pre-contract fundamentals
    • Pre-tender activities: need analysis, business case, market research, approvals, consultations, etc.
    • Developing acquisition strategy and specifications:  good practice principles
  • The tender process
    • Discussion of the tender process, tender documentation required, evaluation planning, evaluation methodologies
    • Supplier selection:  requirements for a good set of selection criteria; evaluation matrix; non-weighted and weighted cost methodology
  • Structure of contracts

Contract negotiation and transition

  • When is negotiation necessary? When enter negotiations
  • Preparing to negotiate: objectives, context, issues; negotiating strategies
  • Negotiation styles, assessment of negotiating position/power
  • Negotiation planning and process
  • When things don’t go as planned
  • Negotiator skills
  • Contract transition


  • Project priorities and trade-offs
  • Project scope and WBS
  • Planning and scheduling methods
    • CPM
    • PERT
    • Simulation
    • Time Constrained vs. Resource Constrained
  • Critical Path Method and Gantt chart

 Scheduling and Estimating

  • Budgeting and Estimating
  • Project / contract pricing

Resource allocation

  • Resource allocation methods
  • Linear responsibility charts
  • Resource histograms
  • Resource optimization approaches
    • Resource leveling and resource constrained scheduling

Critical Chain Project Management

  • Theory of Constraints (TOC)
  • Critical Chain Scheduling Method

Supervising and Monitoring Progress

  • Project monitoring and control tools
  • Earned Value Management
  • Addressing typical project implementation issues
    • Scope and other creeps
    • Time delays
    • Expediting techniques

Issue and problem management

  • Issue /dispute resolution
  • Managing poor performance
  • Non-conformance
  • Payments management, linking payments to performance, payment records
  • Variations management

Closing the project

  • Contract termination / extension
    • Decision making on options for contract extension, renewal or termination
    • Project completion / inspection / handover /acceptance
    • Asset management
  • Lessons Learned
  • Contract performance reviews
  • Moving Forward
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