An Intensive 5-Day Online Training Course

Power BI

Reframe Business into Data
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24 - 28 Oct 2021

Live / Online

US $ 2,400



This highly participative online training course is dedicated to the Microsoft Power BI as a tool for the managers and other decision makers, or the people who perform the analysis for the purpose of decision making.

As the Power BI is made up of many parts, employees might not need to use all of the parts of Power BI, however they need to understand the ways to use the parts that are essential and still get the full advantage of Power BI. 

This EuroMaTech online training course is focused on using the Power BI to become a data-driven decision-making manager, addresses the needs of a manager in any analytically focused enterprise, by providing a hands-on introduction to the concepts, methods and processes of business analytics, as well as the use of analytics as the basis for creating a competitive advantage.  

Participants attending the Power BI online training course will develop the following competencies:  

  • Understanding of Power BI as an analytics tool
  • Appreciation of key analytic tools, technologies and techniques
  • Understanding how Power BI plays a role in data-driven decision making
  • Ability to effectively manage the analytical processes in an enterprise
  • Knowledge of the ways to use the analytics as the basis for creating value
Program Objectives

This Power BI online training course aims to enable participants to achieve the following objectives:  

  • Full description of Power BI
  • Adaptation of Power BI for Business Intelligence and self-service analytics
  • Creation of effective data visualizations
  • Building and using robust data models
  • Preparing the enterprise to become analytically focused
Who should attend? 
  • Any level managers that are trying to make a data-based decision
  • CEOs, CTOs, CIOs
  • Marketing and research specialists
  • Statistical and Research Analysts
  • Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced practitioners
Training Methodology

The Power BI online training course will be delivered through the actual use of the software, and the combination of presentations with interactive practical exercises, video materials, practice on examples and model files.




Programme Summary

The Power BI online training course covers the whole range of robust business analytics and visualization tool of Power BI for data professionals to bring their data from a simple statistics and charts to more meaningful stores. 

Program Outline 
Day 1: Power BI for Business Intelligence
  • Power BI process
  • Power BI architecture
  • Power BI for data modelling
  • Using Power BI tools for reporting, visualisation and data warehousing
  • The role of self-service analytics
Day 2: Creating an analytically focused enterprise
  • Is the enterprise ready to implement Power BI
  • How to define KPIs for Power BI use
  • Power BI iterative approach
  • Power BI as data warehouse/data mart
  • Training of employees
  • Utilisation approaches
Day 3: Power BI as a tool
  • Visualisations with Power BI
  • Power BI report as a tool
  • Power BI report navigation
  • Interactive and customised visualisations
  • New requirements for visualisations and interactions
Day 4: Data Modelling in Power BI
  • Data gathering and transformation
  • Data import
  • Transformation reference
  • Tabular data model
  • DAX introduction
Day 5: Power BI use
  • Gathering the data
  • Data cleansing and querying
  • Visualisation and reporting
  • Data analytics
  • Making data-driven decisions and presenting them


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