An Intensive 5-Day Training Course

Marketing Communications and Brand Management

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06 - 10 Mar 2022


US $ 4,950


18 - 22 Sep 2022


US $ 4,950



This EuroMaTech Marketing Communications and Brand Management training course provides participants with an understanding of the concepts of marketing communications and branding activities at a practical level. The focus is primarily on enhancing the skills and knowledge needed to co-ordinate communication activities and manage campaigns. Some theories and strategic issues are covered to provide a relevant context to practice.

  • Explain the role and win support for marketing communications from more senior executives
  • Advise on how to create an effective plan tailored to their organisation and stakeholders and using relevant tools and media
  • Plan and deliver advertising, sales promotion, public relations and direct marketing campaigns that achieve their objectives
  • Manage marketing communication and brand support activities using both offline and on-line media
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of communication tools using appropriate criteria such as cost and credibility
  • All those who have the responsibility for developing and managing marketing communications and brand support activities within their organisations

This EuroMaTech training course combines presentations with case studies, best practice guidance, videos, discussions and interactive activities that will help you develop a comprehensive understanding of marketing communications and branding. Participants are encouraged to share experiences from their own cultures and organisations.

As we work through the content you will develop strategies, plans, campaigns and activities you are confident of implementing when you return to your office.


Effective marketing communications and brand support activities rely on understanding how to influence and build relationships with stakeholders, as well as coordinate activities using appropriate tools.

This EuroMaTech Marketing Communications and Brand Management training course covers in detail the skills, knowledge and abilities marketing professionals need to plan, implement and evaluate such activities within their organisations and that are appropriate to their internal and external audiences.

Day 1 : How Marketing Communication Works ?
  • The communications process
  • How audiences process information and make decisions
  • Establishing and maintaining successful stakeholder relationships
  • Above and below the line activities
  • Ethics, responsibility and codes of practice
  • Understanding global audiences and communication challenges
Day 2 : The Marketing Communications mix
  • How and when to use the tools: advertising, sales promotion, public relations, direct marketing, personal selling
  • Choosing between the different medium: broadcast, print, outdoor, digital, social media, in-store
  • Co-ordinating and integrating marketing communication activities
  • Insights into media planning and buying
  • Developing effective messages using the different types of appeals
  • Creating content audiences pay attention to and understand
Day 3 : Managing Marketing Communication Programmes and Campaigns
  • Selecting between the different marketing communication strategies
  • Frameworks for planning communication activities
  • Developing advertising and sales promotion campaigns
  • Developing public relations and direct marketing campaigns
  • Finances: forecasting expenditure and allocating budgets
  • Metrics and evaluating the effectiveness of communication activities
Day 4 : Developing and Managing Brand Identity
  • Elements of a brand: logo block, strapline, typefaces, typography, colours, tone of voice, photographic style, grids
  • A-Z steps for building a brand: researching markets, finding a niche, putting your culture and identity into words, creating the brand manual, explaining the brand to different audiences, keeping your brand alive
  • More complex branding decisions: naming families, positioning, extensions, multi-branding, repositioning
  • Reproducing the brand: online, video, brochures, stationery, packaging, signage, promotional items, uniforms, vehicles
  • The people aspects: finding champions to keep you on-brand, persuading customers to pledge loyalty to your brand, defending against internal and external threats
  • Best practice branding case studies
Day 5 : Action Planning
  • Putting it all together: developing a marketing communications plan tailored to your organisation and stakeholders
  • Identifying and setting priorities for implementation
  • Winning support from key internal personnel for implementation
  • Personal coaching: presenting the challenges you will face implementing your plan, for feedback and support
  • Developing a personal action plan based on your strengths and areas for development identified during this programme

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