CPE Credits
MG 326
30 Jul - 03 Aug 2018
US$ 5,500
MG 326
19 - 23 Nov 2018
US$ 5,500

Managing strategic alliances and partnerships requires a strategic vision, a balanced character, and brokerage skills bringing collaborating parties together to contribute to their maximum.

This EuroMaTech training course will focus on the advancements in theory and management practice of strategic alliances, business networks and collaborative ventures. The Managing Strategic Alliances & Partnerships training course is designed to upgrade the knowledge and skills of managers, so to enable them to excel in collaborative situations. Through this training course managers and executives will learn how manage long-term strategic alliances and partnership, how to optimize the interest of their firm, and how to facilitate collaborative decision making for future growth. In this EuroMaTech training course, you will learn:

  • to build collaborative advantage and accelerate position through partnership networks
  • manage partnerships within and across firms
  • the most effective ways to manage inter-firm business relationships
  • how the firm perform in a collaborative situation

This EuroMaTech training course is specifically designed for professional in all areas of operations who seek to upgrade their collaborative skills and learn how to manage long-term partnerships, strategic alliance and joint ventures. The programme will also be of benefit to all Professionals, who are:

  • Responsible for initiating and managing collaborative activities within and across firms, suppliers, or customers
  • Concerned with collaborative performance
  • Interested in enhancing their relationship management skills
  • Interested in enhancing their leadership skills in particular managing strategic alliances
  • Responsible for strategic planning, implementation or evaluation of strategic alliance performance
  • Responsible for open innovation tasks, or designing open innovation ecosystems
  • To develop awareness, knowledge and skills – how to gain competitive advantage through business networks, strategic alliances and partnerships
  • To develop frameworks for building collaborative advantage
  • To enable delegates to gain insights into the successful design and implementation of business partnerships
  • To complement management skills with advanced collaborative techniques
  • To build cultural awareness of how to overcome barriers to collaboration

The Managing Strategic Alliances & Partnerships training course is designed as an intensive training, and knowledge sharing exercise, where group work facilitates learning. Through a set of lectures and practice exercises, delegates will be introduced to the advanced knowledge on strategic alliances and partnerships, and to lead examples of successfully managed collaborations. Participants will learn by active participation, discussions, on-line resources and video materials.


The main goal of this EuroMaTech training course is to provide participants with an intensive five-day training experience and exposure to the world of collaborative strategies, joint venture, business networks, public-private partnerships and alliances.

The key competences built through this training are to assess the risks, and benefits from strategic alliances and to learn how to manage them successfully – from partner selection, through execution and evaluation of outcomes. Practical cases and examples illustrate the variety of current practices and build alliance management capabilities for individual delegates.

Day 1 - Initiating Alliances and Partnerships
  • Introduction to the strategic alliance life cycle
  • Motives for collaboration
  • Selecting partners and forming business relationships
  • How to measure compatibility and partner fit
  • Joint ventures, supplier networks, strategic alliances and public-private partnerships – from a metaphor to insight and understanding
Day 2 - Structuring Collaborative Work
  • Types of strategic alliances and partnerships
  • Cross-border management structures
  • Creating cross-border virtual teams
  • Motivating and brokerage for collaboration
  • Discover a joint perspective and partner differences
  • Collaborative strategies and execution
Day 3 - Managing Shared Resources and Value Co-Creation
  • Distinguishing between bi-lateral and multi-lateral collaborations
  • Managing complex relationships
  • Sharing resources and optimisation of outcomes
  • Upstream and downstream value co-creation
  • Negotiating and managing contingencies
  • Colordination and control in collaborative settings
  • Contracts, renewals, trust and lock-in effects
  • Communication and interfaces between partners
Day 4 - Designing Open Innovation Platforms
  • Facilitating networking
  • Public-private partnerships and multi-stakeholder engagement
  • Open access and open innovation – procedures and practices for shared access
  • Regulation and governance of platforms for shared resources
Day 5 - Performance Evaluation and Learning From Strategic Alliance Partners
  • Assessing advantages and disadvantages of partnerships
  • Overcoming barriers to collaboration and conflict resolution
  • Managing continuous improvement
  • Maximising learning and developing absorptive capacity
  • Balancing across coordination costs and benefits
  • Creating the high performance strategic partnerships
  • Examples of strategic alliance success and failure
  • Alliance termination, exit clause and buy-out formulae
VAT Announcement:  The Government of UAE have introduced Value Added Tax (VAT) on goods and services effective 01-January-2018. In compliance with the legislation issued by the UAE Government, we will be applying a 5% VAT on the fees for all our programs and services offered from January 2018 as applicable and stipulated in the FTA circulars.
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