An Intensive 5-Day Training Course

Managing and Leading Innovation

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09 - 13 Aug 2021


US $ 5,950


06 - 10 Dec 2021

Kuala Lumpur

US $ 5,950



Every company demands Innovation.

The Managing and Leading Innovation training course provides you with the latest competencies to radically manage and lead innovation within your organisation. This EuroMaTech training course focuses on inspiring and empowering the individual to handle a wide range of innovation and change situations. The world of business is changing rapidly, and personal and organisational success depends upon the successful management of creativity and innovative principles through dynamic leadership.

In this EuroMaTech training course you will learn to:

  • Master a range of very practical and highly effective leadership tools and approaches that can be immediately implemented
  • Maximise your abilities to drive and manage innovative performance of your people
  • Apply innovative leadership to release creativity in the workplace
  • Lead and demonstrate personal innovation and change
  • Build you confidence in your abilities to handle leadership challenges
  • Develop leadership competencies
  • Harness their emotional intelligence to release creativity in the workplace
  • Understand and practice innovation through their leadership
  • Gain insights of their own strengths and weaknesses and leadership styles
  • Develop emotional competencies such as resilience, creativity, intentionality and interpersonal connections
  • Understand and practice key people skills
  • Develop enhanced interpersonal relationships
  • Learn to apply people skills for success in the workplace
  • Empower their teams to innovate and change to the demands of the future
  • Professionals in business, government, education, social aid and the military
  • Leaders and managers of organisations, departments or teams who need to develop innovation
  • Those responsible for developing and implementing innovative strategies
  • Professional responsible for managing change, improving operational performance, creating and leading high performance teams

This EuroMaTech training course will combine a variety of adult learning techniques to ensure maximum understanding, comprehension and retention of the information presented. This includes speaker presentations with interactive practical innovative exercises, supported by video material and case studies with an emphasis on delegate involvement throughout.


The Managing and Leading Innovation training course explores the importance of intra-personal and interpersonal skills for enhancing innovative leadership. Using this initial analysis, the training explores the power of individual transformation for self-development and corporate transformation through innovative managing and leading innovation.

Participants learn the essential competencies for the innovative leader as well as enhancing creative thinking skills for their teams to inspire maximum workplace performance. All attendees will return to their organizations immeasurably strengthened in their innovative leadership capabilities.

Day 1 : The Leaders Profile
  • Essential people skills for effective leadership
  • Intrapersonal and interpersonal skills for the innovative leader
  • Personality profiling
  • Your preferred behavioural style
  • Explore your behavioural tendencies
  • Understanding the model for innovative leadership
  • Removing emotional blindspots
  • Appropriate self-disclosure
Day 2 : Managing and Leading Others Effectively
  • Understanding the personality profiles
  • The introverted neutral and analytical perfectionist
  • The extraverted relational & decisive exhorter
  • People-oriented helper
  • Task-oriented implementer
  • Optimizing the leader’s natural strengths
  • Individual transformation for self-development
  • Corporate transformation through innovative leadership
Day 3 : Essential Innovative Leadership
  • Effective skills for understanding others
  • Developing competencies for effective leadership
  • Resilience for sacrificial leadership
  • Intentionality for self-motivation
  • Creativity for innovative leadership
  • Interpersonal connections for persuasive leadership
  • Constructive discontent
  • Integrity and compassion for accountable leadership
Day 4 : Enhancing Creative Thinking Skills for the Innovative Leader
  • Developing illumination and verification
  • Divergent thinking skills openness to innovative ideas
  • Creativity and perception
  • Removing blocks to creativity
  • Understanding the creative process
  • Preparation, incubation, for innovative leadership
  • Metaphors and analogies for innovative thinking
Day 5 : Implementing Innovative Leadership for Managing Performance
  • Applying teamwork for innovation in the workplace
  • Creative problem-solving techniques
  • Cultivating a creative workplace
  • Harnessing creativity in subordinates through aligned leadership
  • Establishing criteria for implementing innovative ideas
  • Advocacy skills to implement innovative ideas in the workplace
  • Leadership for performance management


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