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An Intensive 5-Day Training Course

Building Collaborative Business Models for Innovation and Competitiveness

Ref Date Venue Fees CPE Credits Registration
MG328 08 - 12 Aug 2021 Dubai US$ 4,950 30
MG328 21 - 25 Nov 2021 Dubai US$ 4,950 30

This EuroMaTech Innovation and Competitiveness training course will demonstrate how business model innovation is enabling new approaches to complex investment projects that require collaborative strategies. Achieving competitive advantage through collaboration involves systematic efforts to align management and employees with customers, suppliers, investors and other stakeholders. This multi-stakeholder approach requires robust definitions of the value proposition of each vendor and partner, rather than classical strategic aims and objectives.

Business models are modern tools that enable managers to develop comprehensive scenarios for product, service and market development, to establish the foundations for achieving increased and sustainable return on investment. This EuroMaTech training course will offer a thorough, practical introduction to business model innovation and related topics including knowledge management and creative thinking with extended practice of business model development for managers and executives.

  • Business Leaders and Innovation Managers interested in enhancing their business development skills
  • Innovation Leaders and Senior Managers who are tasked with delivering profitable growth to their organisation
  • Executives and Public Administrators tasked with strategic development programmes, institutional development, policy development and strategy implementation for more and better innovation
  • Members of policy groups tasked with strategic planning, innovation program development and financing
  • Members of government responsible for designing open innovation ecosystems and open innovation tasks, or for implementing innovation strategy
  • Leaders of academic institutions, universities, and other knowledge providers

  • Enable delegates to acquire knowledge and skills for business model innovation
  • Enlighten participants about good practice in stakeholder engagement for innovation and competitiveness
  • Develop frameworks for building collaborative advantage
  • Complement management skills with advanced business development techniques


This EuroMaTech training course is designed as an intensive knowledge sharing and practice experience, with a set of short focussed lectures and practical group work on practice exercises that are then applied to carefully selected case studies.  Delegates will be introduced to advanced knowledge of business models and business model innovation, the transition from competitive to collaborative advantage, and how to manage strategic development programmes. Participants will learn by active participation, discussions, on-line resources and video materials.


The main goal of this EuroMaTech training course is to provide participants with an intensive five-day training experience and exposure to the best practice in business model innovation.

The key competences built through this training are to develop a comprehensive picture of the drivers of business success, to evaluate the potential in new value propositions and to develop strategic pathways for business development. Business model innovation is introduced as a concept and as practice, building on existing knowledge and skills.

Day 1: What Do We Know About Business Models 
  • Introduction to business models
  • The relationship between a business model and strategy
  • Elements of the business model canvas
  • How to make strategic innovation happen
  • Strategic choices and negotiation processes
  • Strategic co-alignment in supply chains
Day 2: The Innovation Process – In and Out 
  • Levels of creativity
  • Models of innovation
  • The difference between product, service and process innovation
  • Challenges to learning and creativity in open collaboration
  • Strengths and weaknesses of the current models for knowledge transfer
  • Effective ways to generate and manage ideas and knowledge
  • How to develop innovation strategy
Day 3: Value Co-Creation and Collaborative Management Practice
  • Bi-lateral and multi-lateral inter-firm collaborations
  • Value co-creation in inter-firm relationships
  • The benefits of optimisation and sustainability
  • Inter-firm partner communication
  • Collaborative coordination and control
  • Trust and risk aversion
  • Managing contingencies with partners
Day 4: Organisational Design and Open Innovation 
  • Removing or reducing organisational barriers to open innovation
  • Open innovation in an ecosystem
  • Platforms as an organisational model and a coordination tool
  • The benefits of open innovation
  • Shared access and facilitated networking
  • Control and governance of shared resources
Day 5: Competitiveness and Sustainability through Business Model Innovation 
  • Business models for high performance innovation partnerships
  • Balancing coordination costs and benefits
  • Managing complex relationships and overcoming barriers to collaboration
  • Measuring outcomes of business model innovation
  • Combining corporate responsibility, philanthropy and shared value
  • Learning from the good practice

VAT Announcement: The Government of UAE have introduced Value Added Tax (VAT) on goods and services from 01-January-2018. In compliance with the legislation issued by the UAE Government, we will be applying a 5% VAT on the fees for all our programs and services offered from January 2018 as applicable and stipulated in the FTA circulars.

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